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A Crow Daedra
"Daedra? Do we look like Daedra to you? Daedra look like crocodile men, and fat-faced ogres, and plate-necked turkeys! Every bird knows that!"
Knave of Rooks

Crow Daedra are one of many Daedric species that mimic those found on Nirn. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. They resemble real crows but differ in that they can talk and they have unnatural glowing purple eyes. They have their own feudal courts, the most notable of which are the Blackfeather Court and their rivals, the Exarchs of Dross. They do not consider themselves Daedra and instead think themselves to be real crows.[1] They enjoy eating fleshy bits of mortal bodies, such as eyes. They also have a tendency to collect shiny objects.[2]

They answer to Nocturnal and obey her when she calls, but their base desire for shiny objects can override their duty to the Daedric Prince. This happened with the Blackfeather Court during Nocturnal's invasion of the Clockwork City during the Interregnum.[3] Though they possess intelligence, crow Daedra still have the mannerisms and some instincts of lesser birds. They can be scared off simply by jumping around, running towards them, or flailing about like a child scaring off a group of pigeons.[4]

Crow Daedra can combine and create the otherworldly creatures known as Wraith-of-Crows (also known as Wraith-Scythes),[5] which are crow-like, semi-humanoid skeletal figures that usually possess a pair of large black wings.[6] They fight using magical attacks and abilities involving their scythes and wings, and are shown to have the capability to speak.


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