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A Nightmare Courser

Nightmare animals are Daedric creatures that originate from the Deadlands, and are rumored to have been created by Mehrunes Dagon himself.[1] These creatures have black fur, burning extremities, and flames hissing from their face. Their eye sockets are on fire, flames puff from their nostrils as they breath, and fire pours from their mouths when they make open-mouthed vocalizations. The ground burns beneath these beasts' feet.[2] Juvenile versions of these creatures exist; their wolf pups, senche cubs and bear cubs that belch fire and plod along with flaming paws.[3] Nightmare Bear Cubs are affectionate creatures that enjoy physical contact.[4]

The Nightmare Courser is a flame-wreathed horse.[5] It is sometimes used by mortals as a mount, although its chaotic temperament makes this a difficult task.[6]

Nightmare senche also exist.[7] The Manelord Nightmare Senche is a night-black senche that rules as the King of the Nightmare Pride.[8] The Nightmare Firestalker is a horned senche cub.[9] Some Deadlands Dremora keep them as pets.[10] Mehrunes Dagon's cultists favor the grown horned senche as a mount, as its appearance seems to be influenced by the Deadlands, and such a thing is appealing to Dagonites.[11]

The Packlord Nightmare Wolf leads as the "Lord of the Nightmare Pack".[1] Nightmare Wolf Pups try in earnest to frighten others like grown-up Nightmare Wolves, though their large eyes and puppy-like proportions make it difficult to appeal to a mortal's sense of fear.[12]

Similar CreaturesEdit

The Deadlands Guar is a breed of guar said to have been born from and shaped in the Deadlands.[13] The Deadlands Wamasu resembles nightmare creatures but venders who sell them claim them to be true Wamasu taken to the Deadlands. Though different in appearance to the Nightmare Courser, there exists another type of Daedric Horse that is native to the Deadlands. Although nightmare creatures bear a superficial resemblance to the Hell Hound, they have no relation.[14]


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