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A Clannfear (Morrowind)

Clannfears are ferocious reptilian Daedra that resemble a lizard with a large, bony crest on their head and a sharp beak and talons. They walk on two legs and use their clawed arms and sharp beaks as weapons. They are generally thought to be of animal intelligence, though it is possible that they are intelligent enough to be communicated with at times. Young clannfear need food to grow,[1] and have been observed to rip mortals to shreds.[2] While associated with Mehrunes Dagon,[3] they are known to serve many Daedric Princes and can be found throughout the various planes of Oblivion.[4] Their claws can be used in alchemy.


  • Early Clannfear concept art called them "Rock Chisels". They were created by artist Mark Jones.[5]

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