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A Clannfear (Morrowind)

Clannfear are ferocious reptilian Daedra that resembles a lizard with a large, bony crest on their head, as well as a sharp beak and talons. They have tough scales on their body, and their mouths are lined with razor-sharp teeth for tearing flesh.[1] They are generally thought to be of animal intelligence, though it is possible that they are intelligent enough to speak.[2] Clannfear are of low status, and are sometimes branded to reveal their loyalty. Clannfear cannot use tools, so they attack their foes through biting, clawing and lashing with their tail spikes. They can be formidable, but they are by no means clever.[1] They are known to serve many Daedric Princes and can be found throughout the various planes of Oblivion.[3][4] Despite this, some attribute them to Mehrunes Dagon.[5] They can occasionally be found lingering near Daedric Ruins on Nirn.[6]

Clannfear walk on two legs and use their clawed arms and sharp beaks as weapons.[7] They are capable of ripping mortals to shreds.[8] Clannfear claws are made for hooking their prey and pinning them while they are consumed alive.[9] The clannfear can make use of its crest to headbutt or charge at its prey.[10] Clannfear pounce on their prey to knock it down. They can also slam their spiked tail into their prey to disorient it.[11][11] Clannfear are inclined to flock together to hunt and may answer to a powerful matriarch, but are still dangerous as individuals.[12] Clannfear vocalize by baying and screeching.[13][14]

Clannfear can be trained by more intelligent Daedra such as Dremora.[15] Trained clannfear can assist Dremora in hunting mortals for sport,[16] and have a keen sense of smell that assists them in such tasks.[17] Young clannfear purportedly need food to grow, which they often receive in the form of mortal flesh.[18] Their claws and hearts can be used in alchemy.[19][20][14]


  • Early Clannfear concept art called them "Rock Chisels". They were created by artist Mark Jones.[UOL 1]

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