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Harrowing Reaper

Harrowing Reapers (or simply Reapers)[1] are ethereal daedric beings summoned through the Harrowstorm ritual conducted by the Icereach Coven witches using Gray Host reliquiaries. These entities possess claws and are capable of executing magical attacks in shades of purple, including beams and conjuring singularities.[2][3][4] Birthed in the shadowy pits of Oblivion, these spectral creatures can be compelled into servitude. They were employed as training partners to assess one's skills, and, according to some, no creature surpasses the Reaper when it comes to training.[1]

Some vampires have the ability to transform into beings that bear a resemblance to the Harrowing Reaper, possessing similar powers. One such vampire was Lady Essenia of Greymoor Keep.[5] She achieved this form through experimentation on vampires, including Verandis Ravenwatch's heir, and a ritual.[6][7] They also share similarities with Gloam Knights, although the exact nature of their connection remains unclear.[8] There were spells that enabled mortals to assume the appearance of the fearsome Harrowing Reaper, often employed to instill fear in their adversaries.[9]


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