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A Grievous Twilight (ESO)

Grievous Twilights are large, intelligent winged Daedra that are a corruption of the winged twilights.[UOL 1] They have clawed limbs, black horns, bluish-purple skin, glowing blue eyes, spiked tails, and possess the ability to teleport, making them formidable foes. They have a brutish masculine form, and unlike winged twilights, their wings are separate limbs from their arms.[1] They are often found serving Molag Bal,[1] but they can also be found under Nocturnal.[2]

When they teleport, they disappear in a shroud of black mist, which can sometimes be seen traveling to where they will reappear.[1] It is suspected that their teleportation is a form of shadow magic, along with the shadow bolts they fire at opponents.[3] Their cold claws are clammy to the touch and smell of brimstone, and can be used with ritual wine to create ash that can apply protective wards to everyday objects. Wards made from Grievous Twilight claws will induce great pain in any Daedra who attempts to interact with the warded object.[4][5] They are typically associated with Molag Bal.[6] Vampire clans such as the Gray Host and Thorn Legion make use of spectral Blood Twilights, which have unique blood magic abilities.

During the Planemeld, many Grievous Twilights served Molag Bal in his campaign in the Imperial City as soldiers and generals. An exceptionally large Grievous Twilight, Lord Warden Dusk, was the cruel overseer of the Imperial City Prison,[7] and had previously trapped the living essence of the Foolkillers Clan in the armor he wore.[8]


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