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The Purified are beings that have been lustrated for purification by the Daedric Prince Meridia. For mortals, this usually involves being stripped of their free will and bestowed with the gift of immortality for the purpose of serving her for all eternity. The Purified are imbued with a golden radiance within their bodies that causes them to emit a glow from beneath their skin. Beings who join the ranks of the Purified include those who willingly pledge themselves to Meridia's service,[1] as well the unwilling[2], such as those who defy her.[2][3][4] They are also referred to as Lustrants by Molag Bal's Dremora minions,[5] though this is sometimes used as a catch-all term to refer to Meridia's followers.[UOL 1]

A notable example of a willing convert was the Ayleid King Narilmor, who guarded one half of the ancient relic known as the Wrathstone in the Ayleid ruins of Garlas Malatar for three thousand years. An entire Imperial expedition was forcibly converted when they uncovered the power hidden within Garlas Malatar, serving as unwilling protectors of the Wrathstone.[6][3] In 2E 582, the treasure hunter Tharayya, accompanied by the Undaunted, uncovered the horrors that took place in Garlas Malatar. The expedition fought off hordes of the Purified who attempted to convert them, including King Narilmor. Despite the resistance, the Undaunted were ultimately successful in retrieving the right half of the Wrathstone.[7]

Beasts are also capable of becoming Purified. An example of beasts becoming Purified are creatures "elevated" from Nirn, such as Sabre Cats. These beasts are rumored to dwell in Meridia's realm, the Colored Rooms, in a menagerie.[8] One instance of Daedra becoming Purified is when the Daedric Prince Nocturnal invaded Meridia's plane, allowing Evergloam Daedrats to cross into the realm. After the failed invasion, the Daedrats were rounded up, purified, and then banished to Nirn as Lustrated Daedrats.[9] In Coldharbour, lustrants are specifically imprisoned in the Lightless Oubliette when captured by the minions of Molag Bal.[5]



  • Meridia is a Daedra Regent and a collector of human specimens.[10]

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