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This article is about spirits corrupted by Namira. For general information on undead spirits, see Ghost. For the entities created via shadow magic, see Shadow.

A Voidmother
Type Undead (Returned)
Range Grayhaven, Champion's Circle

The Reach

Appears in


Shades are dark, hateful, and hungry spirits that have become trapped in the Void.[1][2][3] They have been twisted by being in contact with Namira's energy, especially that which is emitted by the Dark Heart.[4] Namira's energy manifests as dark corruptions known as "voidstuff", which has been used by some Reachfolk witches, empowering them and turning them to Shades known as Voidmothers (also known as Void Liches), which can consume the souls of their victims.[3][5] Some Reach clans may look to dark avenues to twist and abuse these dark corruptions to gain power, which when wielded, can cause great calamities.[5]

Shades display a form of hierarchy, with Voidmothers on top, commanding regular shades and shade colossi to attack their enemies.[6] Shade Colossi serve as brute force, and are a source for spawning common shades.[7] Regular shades are relatively weak, and instead rely on numbers to overwhelm their enemies.[8] Void Rot are slimy creatures with shadowy tendrils comparable in appearance to Voriplasms, and are created by voidstuff.[9] They can create a tether to make a barrier for a Voidmother, requiring their deaths to open the way.[10] Some mages have managed to keep them tractable by applying a sleeping potion on it, thus "taming" them.[11]

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