Lore:Vestige (creature)

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Vestiges are created when a mortal creature has its soul replaced with a Daedric vestige. The resulting Daedra forms an imitation of the mortal's original body from chaotic creatia.[1] New forms of Daedra are known to be created in this manner, as the Daedric Princes lack the ability to truly create and must simply imitate the Mundus. For example, the first Daedric Titan was a Vestige of Boziikkodstrun, a dragon.[2] The most well-understood Vestiges are the Soul Shriven, imperfect Vestiges used as slaves by Molag Bal.[1] Although usually members of the mortal races, Soul Shriven of lesser creatures also seemingly exist.[nb 1] Haskill, the Chamberlain of Sheogorath, is a Vestige of a mortal who previously mantled the Prince following a Greymarch.[3][4]

The prophecies of the Elder Scrolls speak of a specific "Vestige", the hero known as the Vestige. This Vestige, a Soul Shriven who had been re-attuned to Anuic magic,[1] was foretold to end Molag Bal's attempted Planemeld in 2E 582.[5]



  • ^  The only known example of this is a bantam guar named Honor. Despite living in Coldharbour and having a blue pigment, nothing directly states that this creature is an actual Vestige.