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The All-Maker Stones are magical stones found in the wilderness of Solstheim that, according to Storn Crag-Strider, maintain the Oneness throughout the land.

All of the stones are initially tainted by the evil power of the dragon priest Miraak, which causes the inhabitants of Solstheim to become entranced when they pray at them. After cleansing the stones, you may activate them to receive for special powers. Powers must be regained from the Stones after use.

Stone Location Tainted Inhabitants Guards Powers
Beast Stone West of Thirsk Mead Hall (map) 2 rieklings, 3 rieklings, Elmus, Bujold the Unworthy, Halbarn Iron-Fur, Hilund, Kuvar 1 cultist, 1 lurker§ Conjure Werebear
Earth Stone Southwest of Raven Rock (map) 3 Redoran guards, Bralsa Drel, Rirns Llervu, Cindiri Arano, Fethis Alor, Garyn Ienth, Glover Mallory, Milore Ienth 2 lurkers§ Bones of the Earth
Sun Stone North-northwest of Tel Mithryn (map) 6 reavers, Drovas Relvi, Elynea Mothren, Ulves Romoran 1 lurker§ Sun Flare
Tree Stone Inside the Temple of Miraak (map) 5 reavers, Herkja, Oslaf, Sirkjorg, Yrsa Root of Power
Water Stone North-northwest of Damphall Mine (map) Benkum, Hjalfar, Liesl, Palevius Lex 1 cultist, 1 lurker§ Waters of Life
Wind Stone West-northwest of Skaal Village (map) Baldor Iron-Shaper, Deor Woodcutter, Edla, Fanari Strong-Voice, Morwen, Tharstan, Wulf Wild-Blood 1 lurker§ North Wind
Only work here during the night.
Only work here during the night after you witness the dialogue between Bujold the Unworthy and Kuvar at Bujold's Retreat.
§Only appear after using Bend Will shout.

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The entranced people working on the stones may repeat the following words mechanically:

"Here in his shrine." ("Here in his temple.")
"That they have forgotten."
"Here do we toil."
"That we might remember."
"By the night we reclaim." ("Here we reclaim.")
"What by day was stolen." ("What faithless minds have stolen.")
"Far from ourselves."
"He grows ever near to us."
"Our eyes once were blinded."
"Now through him do we see."
"Our hands once were idle."
"Now through them does he speak."
"And when the world shall listen."
"And when the world shall see."
"And when the world remembers."
"That world will cease to be."


  • During the quest The Fate of the Skaal, the Wind Stone is cleansed of Miraak's influence by using the shout Bend Will. In Cleansing the Stones, the Bend Will shout continues to be used to cleanse four of the other stones. The final stone, the Tree Stone, is freed once the main questline is completed. It is also possible to cleanse all stones except the Tree Stone before starting the quests The Fate of the Skaal or Cleansing the Stones.
  • When sleeping on Solstheim, if you haven't completed Cleansing the Stones and you're either outdoors or in a dwelling, you may wake up at a randomly selected All-Maker stone, as long as the selected stone is still tainted.
    • The first time you sleep in an appropriate location, this random selection is guaranteed to occur, and as long as the selected stone has not already been cleansed, you will awake there. Thereafter, there is a 33% chance that a stone will be randomly selected for this purpose.
    • The Water Stone is not included in the list of Stones you can wake up at.
  • If you command a follower to use one of the stones, they will begin to worship it, like others at the stone. In this case, it is possible for the follower to remain worshiping the stone permanently.
  • The powers granted by the stones work underwater.
  • The book Aevar Stone-Singer is about the stones.
  • The All-Maker stones were previously seen as the Sacred Stones in Bloodmoon.
  • Unlike the Standing Stones in mainland Skyrim, you can have all the powers at once of every All-Maker Stone on Solstheim; they are not removed from your Powers submenu when activating each and every Stone, like it is with the Standing Stones.