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ON-creature-Scorion Broodlord.jpg
A Scorion Broodlord
Type Daedra
Range Deadlands
Appears in


Scorions are arthropodal Daedra whose purpose seems to be collecting and transferring magical energy. Described as large "Deadlands-touched" arachnoids,[1] they have six legs that they use for walking and climbing, with a number of small fang-like appendages at the front, the upper two being used for channeling energy. They have a large thorax which glows red or orange depending on the type of energy collected, as well a hollow abdomen with no head, which also glows orange from its hole when energy is collected. They are rarely seen and were once used by the Order of the Waking Flame to collect residual torture energy for the construction of the Antecedent Cataclyst in the Dread Cellar.[2] They possess teleportation capabilities.[1][3] Scorions that get swept away during eruptions are sometimes crushed into rugged gems known as Scorion Diamonds by the intense crucible of stone and flame.[4] Small ones are known as Pyrelings, which one scholar believed acted like ticks on Dragons.[5]

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