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Daedrons are particles of chaotic creatia imbued with sufficient purpose and function from the exertion of Daedric or mortal will. Though injurious to the mortal form, they can nonetheless perform work. Underutilized daedrons usually return to quiescence, but if imbued with sufficient purpose, they may escape and coalesce to form potentia vortices. These are dangerous if allowed to self-optimize into events known as 'realm-rips' that can cause damage in Oblivion. Peryite is in charge of keeping daedrons from doing so. When asked, Fa-Nuit-Hen's tutor Riparius says that "trying to keep ahead of it all keeps Peryite mighty busy, but nobody really feels sorry for him." He then goes on to say that Peryite "earned it".[1]

The variable flow of daedrons in Oblivion streams can have profound effects on the magicka potential of various locations. Magicka use often causes effects on the streams themselves. By reconfiguring the polarity of the daedron fields, it is possible to manipulate and trace the streams.[2] Slaves in the realm of the Fire King Hadhuul were forced to consume "drugs drawn from the admixture of daedrons into living hosts".[3] Contents of an Elder Council meeting were channeled to Temple Zero through a mnemonic daedron-capacitance memospore classification.[UOL 1]


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