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A Banekin

Banekin are a small lesser Daedra resembling a winged humanoid with mottled gray skin, a tail full of ridged spikes, pointed ears and horns on their heads. Banekin are associated with Molag Bal and use powerful shock spells in combat. They can speak Tamrielic, and are sometimes used as familiars by powerful wizards,[1] though they are unreliable due to their forgetfulness, as well as their inclination for cruelty and destruction.[UOL 1] Banekin are agile daedra. Aside from being able to use their claws and tails full of ridged spines, they can use spells to weaken their foes as well as make them nauseous.[2]

They are not well treated by larger daedra, such as Dremora, who torture loose banekin,[UOL 2] and Daedroths, who are known to eat them alive.[3]

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