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A Seeker (Skyrim)
Type Daedra
Range Apocrypha
Appears in

Skyrim(DB), ESO

Seekers are grotesque, tentacled Daedra. They are servants of Hermaeus Mora, usually guarding tomes of forbidden knowledge,[1] and are masters of illusion who use invisibility and decoy mirror images as distractions while they sap their target's strength, feeding off the ghosts of those seeking knowledge.[2] Seekers have the power to banish prey with sound attacks. They are rarely seen outside the Apocrypha.

They have the ability to drain their prey's energy, vitality and magicka as well as the knowledge from unfortunate mortals who cross its path.[1] While they appear bestial and imposing, they are not unintelligent. A journal of Morian Zenas about Apocrypha notes that seekers would converse with other Daedra in the realm, doing so with a lisp, and usually talking about the mage himself and Mora's intentions.[3] They keep a variety of books, spellbooks, and scrolls with them.[2]

More powerful seekers are called Aspirants or High Seekers.[1]

Uses and CultureEdit

Seeker-sinew Thread

A great deal of magicka can be expended to make coils of Seeker-sinew Thread, made from the sinews of a Seeker's corpse. When threaded through a needle and sewn into a piece of linen, this thread will make the linen move and undulate in a distasteful and organic fashion, still warm to the touch.[4]

During the Second Era, there was a group of Hermaeus Mora worshippers who were known as Seekers; their connection to the Daedra of the same name, if any, is unknown.[5]


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