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A Hunger (Shivering Isles)

Hungers are ferocious Daedra known for their long tongues, demonic appearance, and their taste for mortal flesh.[1] The Hunger uses its long tongue to siphon the life out of its prey.[2] It also makes use of its razor-sharp claws and can spew poisonous bile.[3][2] They possess a paralyzing touch and have the uncanny ability to quickly destroy their opponents' armor and weapons.[3][4] Hungers can also teleport.[2] In Morrowind, they are typically associated with the Daedric Prince Boethiah,[1][4][5] who is also known as Hunger by the Dunmer.[6] They are also known to roam the Shivering Isles as servitors and guards.[7][8] They are described by some as perfect representation of Sheogorath's darker side.[7] They are also found in the realms of Apocrypha and the Gorge.[9][10]

Hungers have been observed to be more ferocious when in the presence of a warm body which is described as a territorial hunting imperative.[11]

Their tongues can be used by alchemists as an ingredient in potions to cure diseases and aid those who are afflicted by poison.[12][13] Their tongues are also used by the Dunmer as hair combs.[14] The claws of hungers have been known to be used to make filleting knives.[15]



  • The Wights in Shadowkey share a very similar model and design to the Hungers in Morrowind, but they are emaciated undead rather than daedra.

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