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Iratan the Lightbringer

Meridian guardians (also referred to as temple guardians or simply guardians) are Daedric servants of the Daedric Prince Meridia.[1][2][3] They take the form of an Auroran suit of armor with two or four arms and blades.[4][5] In certain circumstances, the Purified may be turned into Meridian Guardians,[3] though the nature of transformed guardians is different from those who are proper Daedra.[6]

They wield powers of ice, lighting, fire and light, and command Aurorans in battle. They are more powerful in the Colored Rooms, and can transport people there against their will.[4][5]

They were considered to be of "little concern" to the Dremora.[2]

Known Meridian GuardiansEdit


One of the known Meridian guardians, Iratan the Lightbringer, protected the Shrine of the Reforged, a temple of Meridia in Pellitine found west of Senchal.[8] Locals claimed that the guardian served as the sentry for the temple for as long as it existed. Khajiit tales spoke of a Meridian cultist growing the temple out of light, but the validity of their stories is questionable. The guardian of the temple has plagued unwary travelers for a long time. As of 2E 582, the temple was abandoned.[1][4] Circa 2E 582, the Shields of Senchal tasked adventurers with defeating the guardian. They were also asked to retrieve the notes of a scholar it killed,[1][9] collect temple dust with special properties that can reveal the past through visions,[1][10] and retrieve some of the Shields' arrows from within the temple.[1][11]

That same year, the treasure hunter Tharayya, accompanied by the Undaunted, uncovered the horrors that took place in Garlas Malatar. The expedition fought off hordes of the Meridian Purified and encountered King Narilmor, who had guarded the Wrathstone for three thousand years. The expedition killed him in battle, but he was then transformed into the Symphony of Blades, an avatar of Meridia's power, in the image of a Meridian guardian. He teleported the Undaunted to the Colored Rooms, where he was empowered. However, this was not enough to overpower the expedition, and he was slain. Tharayya successfully retrieved the Wrathstone fragment as a result.[3][7]


  • "Meridian guardian" does not appear to be their formal name. As such, Loremaster Leamon Tuttle gave them the nickname Meridimincers in jest.[UOL 1]

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