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This article is about experimental Daedra. For the reincarnation of Nerevar, see Nerevarine.

Incarnates are an experimental race of elemental Daedric beings created by changing the animus of a Daedra using a machine known as a cataclyst.[1] This experience is alien to the immortal Daedra, whose spirits are generally considered to be unchanging and immutable. The process causes the Daedra to lose all sense of individuality and consciousness, becoming an incarnation of destruction.[2] Each Incarnate is a manifestation of a specific kind of elemental destruction or natural disaster.[3] The Perfected Incarnate was unique in that it embodied both destruction and creation, combining the power of the two forces.[4] Circa 2E 582, Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Change, ordered the construction of numerous cataclysts to create an army of Incarnates, although his efforts were ultimately thwarted with the destruction of these machines and the banishing of the few Incarnates that were successfully created.[5]



  • The ability to assume the form of the Tidal Wave Incarnate is possible through the use of Daedric polymorph magic. It is very similar in appearance to the Storm Incarnate.[6] This magic can also be used to assume the form of a Solstheimstone Incarnate, an incarnation of a Solstheim blizzard.[7]
  • Maligraphies present in the Infinite Archive were known to take forms mimicking the Incarnates.[8][9]

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