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Skyrim:Dungeon Delving (Jarl - Hagravens)

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Do a favor for Igmund, the Jarl of Markarth, by retrieving a shield.
Quest Giver: Igmund
Location(s): Radiant
Prerequisite Quest: Kill the Forsworn Leader (Jarl)
Next Quest: Thane of the Reach
Reward: Leveled armor, ability to purchase Vlindrel Hall
Disposition: =2 (quest giver)
ID: Favor157
Required Level: 20

Radiant OptionsEdit

This is a radiant quest which you can receive from Igmund, the Jarl of Markarth.

QuestGiver QuestGiverHome QuestItem Dungeon(s)
Igmund Understone Keep (Markarth) Hrolfdir's Shield Bleakwind Bluff, Blind Cliff Cave, Dead Crone Rock, Hag's End, Lost Valley Redoubt

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Igmund.
  2. Find Hrolfdir's Shield.
  3. Bring Hrolfdir's Shield to Igmund.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

When you ask Igmund if he has more work for you, he will mention how his father was killed by Forsworn when he tried to negotiate with them. He will then ask you to retrieve his father's shield, which is being guarded by a hagraven.

Note that Bleakwind Bluff is by far the easiest location from which to retrieve the shield, as it is a small tower with no interior zones and is only inhabited by a few Forsworn and a hagraven. So if you don't feel like doing an extensive dungeon delve, it is expedient to reload until you get that radiant location. Unlike the previous favor, you don't need to kill anyone, so a stealthy character can easily grab the shield and get out without having to fight.


As a reward, you will get a leveled piece of armor, which is either a light/heavy cuirass, helmet, or shield of the best quality for your level. In addition, you'll be able to purchase Vlindrel Hall from Raerek. After completing the quest, the shield can be found in the Jarl's private quarters.

Levels Light Levels Heavy
1-5 Studded Imperial Armor 1-11 Steel Armor
6-11 Leather Armor 12-17 Dwarven Armor
12-18 Elven Armor  
19-26 Scaled (Horned) Armor 18-24 Steel Plate Armor
27-35 Elven Gilded Armor 25-35 Orcish Armor
36+ Glass Armor 36+ Ebony Armor
Levels Light Levels Heavy
1-11 Leather Helmet 1-11 Steel Helmet
  12-17 Dwarven Helmet
12-26 Elven Helmet 18-24 Steel Plate Helmet
27-35 Scaled Helmet 25-31 Orcish Helmet
36+ Glass Helmet 32+ Ebony Helmet
Levels Light Levels Heavy
1-35 Elven Shield 1-5 Steel Shield
36+ Glass Shield 6-24 Dwarven Shield
  25-31 Orcish Shield
32+ Ebony Shield
The list includes results for lower levels, but the quest can only be started at level 20 or higher.


  • You cannot get this quest if Igmund is not Jarl of Markarth.
    • If you have already started the quest, but Markarth comes under Stormcloak control, you will need to find Igmund in the Blue Palace's basement in order to turn in the quest.
  • If you meet all the requirements for the start of this quest but the dialogue with Igmund is not appearing, try visiting the Shrine of Talos in Markarth before returning to speak with Igmund. The dialogue should then be available.


  • If you have accepted but not completed this quest and Markarth comes under Stormcloak control, such that Igmund is no longer the jarl, the quest marker will still point you to Markarth, despite the fact that Igmund is now in exile in the Blue Palace. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Dungeon Delving (Jarl - Hagravens) (Favor157)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Find Hrolfdir's Shield for Igmund
Objective 15: Bring Hrolfdir's Shield to Igmund
20 Finishes quest 
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