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Skyrim:Karth River

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Karth River
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The Reach, Haafingar
Between Markarth and Solitude
Karth River

The Karth River is a river flowing from Markarth to Solitude.

The Karth River originates in the Reach at Lost Valley Redoubt from a waterfall flowing from the mountain range. It is unknown where the river that supplies that waterfall flows from without consulting with another provincial map of a region such as Hammerfell or High Rock. From there it flows north and northeast, temporarily splitting in two around the Karthspire, then passing Karthwasten and Dragon Bridge before finally reaching the Sea of Ghosts near Solitude. This river is fed from at least four different sources, including the waterfalls at Lost Valley Redoubt, the stream at Hag Rock Redoubt, also known as the Reachwater River, the stream sourced from the three waterfalls that flow through Markarth from the mountains above, and the waterfall just above Deep Folk Crossing near the border with High Rock.