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(RefID: 0009C8A9)
Location Silver-Blood Inn
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 6 Class Citizen
RefID 0009C8A9 BaseID 0009C8A8
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Smithing, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleEvenToned
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; MS01IntroVictim; MarkarthSilverBloodInnFaction; MarkarthSilverBloodPatronFaction; TownMarkarthFaction
Margret in her room at the Silver-Blood Inn

Margret is a Nord citizen visiting Markarth from her home in Cyrodiil.

As you enter Markarth for the first time, you may notice her shopping at a market stall, busy discussing her purchase with the stall manager. Weylin will suddenly grab her and attempt to kill her. You can either let this happen, or save Margret by killing Weylin. If saved, she will be thankful and give you a necklace.

Saving Margret can be helpful in later quests having to do with investigating the marketplace attack. Since Margret will still be alive, you can ask her directly about the attack instead of having to ask multiple unwilling witnesses. While speaking with Margret in the Silver-Blood Inn during The Forsworn Conspiracy, if you ask her what she is doing in Markarth, she may reveal herself to be an Imperial agent, her attention focused on the Markarth Treasury deed. She has the intention of either buying or stealing it for General Tullius and the Imperials, but has been unsuccessful thus far.

She wears a set of farm clothes and a pair of boots. She is equipped with a steel dagger, and carries a key to her room.

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Before the attack in the market:

"I'm shopping. Excuse me."

After the attack:

"I should never have come to Markarth."
"Oh it's you. The one from the market."

Margret will give you a necklace if you saved her.

"By the gods, that man nearly killed me. You saved my life. Thank you. Here, I was going to bring this to my sister, but I think you should have it."

You can ask her some questions, but she denies knowing anything.

Do you know why he was after you?
"No. I don't have any idea. I was just shopping for a pendant for my sister back in the Imperial City."
That man said something about the "Forsworn."
"I've heard of them. Something about the men who live in the hills and attack caravans. I'm sorry. I don't know anymore. I'm just visiting here from Cyrodiil."

If she survived, you can talk to her during your investigation into the attack.

"I'm sorry, I'm still a bit dizzy from everything."

You have three options:

What are you doing in Markarth?
"Just visiting. I had some business here. That's all."
Any idea why Weylin attacked you?
"No. I was just buying jewelry for my sister in Cyrodiil. I've never even seen that man before."
Do you remember anything about the attack?
"Not much. One moment I was buying a necklace, and the rest is just a blur."

After choosing the first option, you can dig for further information.

Option Response
You're hiding something. (Persuade) Passed: "Was is that obvious? Damn. I must be losing my touch. I'm one of General Tullius's agents. I was sent to investigate the Treasury House and the Silver-Blood family. They own Cidhna Mine, one of the toughest jails in Skyrim. I was hoping I could buy or steal the deed, but I don't think that's how things work here. Mark my words. Thonar Silver-Blood was behind that attack in the market. Somehow."
Failed: "No. I'm not."
Will some coin loosen those lips? (Bribe) "No. I'm telling you. There was no other reason."
I want the truth, or else. (Intimidate) "Or else what? You'll kill me? I already had to face that today."
Good luck, then. "Thank you. The Eight keep you."


  • Sometimes she does not give her necklace right after being saved. Receiving Eltry's Note first can help it.