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(RefID: 00019905)
Home City Markarth
Location Understone Keep
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=10-25) Class Warrior
RefID 00019905 BaseID 00013397
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×11.7
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×3.3
Primary Skills Heavy Armor, One-handed, Archery, Block
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type FemaleCommander
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; Imperial Government; Ruling Government; TownMarkarthFaction

Faleen is a Redguard warrior and the housecarl of Jarl Igmund of Markarth. She can be found in Understone Keep. Another inhabitant of the keep is romantically interested in her, as revealed in The Book of Love. If Igmund has been removed as the Jarl of Markarth, she can be found with him in the Blue Palace. She wears a random set of steel armor and is armed with a steel sword with a steel shield, supplemented by a long bow with twelve steel arrows. She also carries a belted tunic and a random selection of common loot and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


When first approaching Jarl Igmund, Faleen will stop you in your tracks and say:

"You. Who are you to approach the Jarl of Markarth?"
I'm a traveler. I have questions.
I'm looking for work.
I was looking to purchase a house in Markarth.

Whichever option gets chosen, Faleen will reply by saying:

"Very well, you may approach the Mournful Throne, but watch your words."

However, should you choose to back away before answering, Faleen will instead say:

"Nothing to say. Fine, but I'm watching you."

When spoken to afterwards, she may say:

"As his housecarl, Igmund's security is my chief concern."
"Igmund's father was killed by Forsworn. I won't rest until they've paid with their blood."
"Raerek is far too cautious, but I'll agree with him on any measure that keeps this city safe."

When ending conversation, she might offer you a warning:

"Keep your eyes open for Forsworn when you're on the roads."

Should Markarth be taken over by the Stormcloaks, then Igmund and his court, including Faleen, will be exiled to Solitude's Blue Palace. Her greetings will become a lot more bitter as a result:

"Igmund is alive, and I'll keep it that way, Jarl or not."
"You lay one finger on Igmund, and I'll end you Stormcloak."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Book of LoveEdit

I want to talk to you about Calcelmo.
"Calcelmo? What about him?"
He has feelings for you.
"What? You're out of your mind. That old coot's more interested in dead dwarves than anybody around here. Don't talk such rot."
It's true. He told me.
"Please, stop wasting my time. You're embarrassing yourself."
You're right. I was probably mistaken.
"Of course you were. Now stop wasting my time."
What do you think of him?
"Think of him? He's an odd little man. Always poking around the ruins and wasting time in his museum. Seems friendly enough. Obviously intelligent. Why do you ask?"
I was just curious.
"Well aren't you a strange one."
I have a poem I'd like you to read.
"Pardon me?"
It's from Calcelmo. Please.
"I'm not sure what this is all about.'
(Give poem)
"This is... lovely. Calcelmo wrote this... about me? I never knew he had such feeling in him."
He cares about you.
"Clearly. I've never even thought of him in that manner. I wish that I was as skilled with words as he. Here, take him this letter. I may not be as eloquent as he is, but I hope he understands."

After giving Faleen's letter to Calcelmo, he'll seek her out and the following conversation will take place:

Calcelmo: "Faleen... I..."
Faleen: "Sssh. It's all right. You don't need to say anymore. I had no idea you were so... nuanced."
Calcelmo: "I love you."
Faleen: "So I hear. Come here, you."


She can be overheard discussing many topics with Igmund and Raerek:

Igmund: "Raerek, how is The Reach faring against this Forsworn menace?"
Raerek: "Things are bad, Igmund. Our forces are barely able to keep the Forsworn in check. Merchants are reporting the loss of more of their shipments."
Igmund: "This is why I say we take the fight to them. Gather the Legion and drive those blasted beasts out of the Reach for good."
Faleen: "And what do Legion soldiers know about the hills the Reach? And the caves that make up those hills? The Forsworn can hide and ambush every assault."
Raerek: "The safety of the city and our settlements must be our only concern, Igmund. The rest of the Reach is on its own."
Igmund: "Cowards, the both of you. My father would not sit idly back and wait while evil men take over his lands. We're done discussing this for now."
Raerek: "My Jarl, we need to discuss Markarth's collapsing trade with the other Holds."
Igmund: "Of course there's a collapse in trade. The Stormcloaks stalk every road and the Forsworn attack every caravan."
Faleen: "Not to mention the rebels completely control Windhelm and all of Eastmarch hold."
Igmund: "Why do you pester me with battles we can't win? I need my steward to plan for victory, not nag me with every ill account."
Raerek: "Forgive me for worrying about the future of Markarth. The lifeblood of the city is gold, Igmund, and it doesn't stop beating because there's a war on."
Igmund: "Very well. I'll send the request for additional Legionaries to protect trade to the other Imperial holds. Hopefully, Solitude can spare more men."
Raerek: "Igmund, we need to talk about the Silver-Blood family."
Igmund: "What about them? They seem loyal enough."
Raerek: "Loyal? Thongvor supports Ulfric and his Stormcloaks! We should imprison the entire family as a precaution."
Faleen: "I second that, Igmund. Who knows what that family will do for power? They could be working with the Forsworn for all we know."
Igmund: "Enough! We can't imprison the very people who own the jail we would be throwing them into. The Silver-Bloods are to be left alone, am I clear?"
Raerek: "Yes, my Jarl."
Faleen: "Yes, my Jarl."


Originally, as part of the Stormcloak questline, there was going to be a siege of Markarth, very similar to the Battle for Whiterun. Upon reaching the throne room, you would be greeted as follows:

Faleen: "That's close enough."
Igmund: "He/She wants the city this badly, he/she can fight me for it."
Faleen: "No, Igmund. It's too dangerous."
Igmund: "I will not surrender Markarth without raising my own sword in her defense."
Faleen: "Kill them all. Protect the Jarl at all costs!"


  • If Faleen is the target of a radiant quest (such as Hired Muscle), you will be told to go Markarth even if she has relocated to the Blue Palace. However, the quest marker will point to the correct place.