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(RefID: 000198FC)
Home City Markarth
Location The Warrens
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 6 Class Citizen
RefID 000198FC BaseID 000133AE
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Marry Yes
Voice Type MaleCommoner
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; Favor013QuestGiverFaction; MarkarthOmluagFaction; MarkarthSmelterWorkersFaction; MarkarthWarrensTenantsFaction; PotentialMarriageFaction; TownMarkarthFaction
Omluag at the smelter

Omluag is a Breton citizen who lives in The Warrens and works at the Smelter in Markarth. He shares his room in the Warrens with Hathrasil, a co-worker at the Smelter. If you offer to talk to his boss about his working conditions, he will reward you with gold. He will also become a potential candidate for marriage.

He wakes at 7am and heads to work, carrying a bucket for two hours at 7am, 11am, and 3pm. His workday ends at 7pm, then he has a four-hour dinner at Silver-Blood Inn. At 11pm, he goes back to the Warrens and wanders around there until midnight, when he sleeps.

Omluag wears a set of miner's clothes along with a pair of gloves and boots. His inventory includes the key to his room in The Warrens and some poor items. In combat, he relies on an iron dagger.

Related QuestsEdit


When approached at the Smelter he can say:

"Can't talk. Mulush will beat me if I stop working."
"I spill just a bit of metal, and Mulush takes it out of my hide."
"Can't you see I'm working? Beat it."

If you meet him at Silver-Blood Inn, he'll tell you:

"Drinks here are watered down, but they're cheap."

If No One Escapes Cidhna Mine has been completed, he'll comment on your escape, saying either:

"I saw you. With the Forsworn. By the old gods, that was something."
"I'll be damned. Someone who actually escaped Cidhna Mine. You're the talk of the Warrens."

When spoken to directly he can be asked some questions:

Tell me about the Forsworn.
"We've lost a lot of good people to that damn crusade. Drive out the Nords, they say. Well, the Nord ain't driven out."

While he is working, you can also inquire about who else works in the smelter, but only if Mulush, Hathrasil, Degaine, Eltrys, and Cairine are not dead.

Who else works here?
"Me and Hathrasil mostly. Mulush barks at us all day, but I wouldn't call that honest work. A few people in the Warrens used to work here. Degaine broke some bones a while back. Eltrys quit. Cairine is too sick."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Few Words with YouEdit

You're having trouble with Mulush?
"He's a damn tyrant. Always being goaded on by the Silver-Bloods to get more work out of us. They pay us next to nothing. We get beaten if we make a mistake, and where are our kind Nord rulers? What are they doing? Typical."
What if I talk to Mulush?
"You're going to try to talk sense into that Orc? I'll believe it when I see it."
Sorry to hear that.
"Sorries don't help anyone."

After you have taken care of his little problem:

I convinced Mulush to ease up a bit.
"I don't believe it. Someone sticking up for us. Here. It's a week's wages for me, but you've earned every coin."

The Forsworn ConspiracyEdit

During The Forsworn Conspiracy, you will be asked to investigate the murder that happened in the marketplace. You can ask Omluag about Weylin, the killer:

Did you know Weylin?
"The Forsworn? That's right. I'll say it. We all knew. Even that fat-headed, slave-driving Mulush knew. Just ask him about it. Bah. Another honest man lost in all this madness. And for what?"


While at the smelter, Mulush can be heard bossing Omluag around:

Mulush: "Careful. You spill one drop of silver, I'm taking it out of your hide."
Omluag: "I'm being as careful as I can."
Mulush: "Did you just talk back to me? I'm not paid to listen. I'm paid to keep you working. Now work."

Omluag: "Mulush, we need a break. The heat from the smelter is too much."
Mulush: "Are you complaining? Work. If you have strength to whine, you have strength to smelt."

He and Hathrasil may also talk during work:

Omluag: "Divines, I'm tired. This is too much work."
Hathrasil: "Just keep at it, or Mulush will beat you."

Hathrasil: "Careful of the molten metal. That gets on you, kiss your fingers goodbye."
Omluag: "I know what I'm doing. Stop telling me."

Hathrasil: "Surprised to see you working. Mulush almost broke your arm yesterday."
Omluag: "Does it look like I can afford losing a day's wage? That damn Orc isn't getting the best of me."

If Dragon Rising has been completed, he may talk to Hathrasil about the dragons' return:

Omluag: "First war, and now dragons. Everywhere they go, the Nords bring nothing but ruin."
Hathrasil: "Ain't nothing for it. They're still in charge."

Omluag may be seen having the following conversation with Hathrasil in Silver-Blood Inn:

Omluag: "Another foul day at the smelter."
Hathrasil: "Mmmhmm."
Omluag: ""Mmmhmm"? I've been working with you for over 10 years, and all you have to say is "mmmhmm"?"
Hathrasil: "Mmmhmm."
Omluag: "Sometimes I think we deserve these miserable lives of ours."

Unused DialogueEdit

Omluag has unused dialogue tied to multiple quests he was once meant to give you or partake in. This dialogue can only be found in the game's DialogueViews files, and not the Creation Kit.


This quest would be reworked into, and most of its dialogue would be retained for, an instance of the favor quest A Few Words With You rather than a city freeform quest in the final game.

You've [sic] having trouble with Mulush?
"I'm not afraid to say it. He's a damn tyrant. Always being goaded on by the Silver-Bloods to get more work out of us. They pay us next to nothing. We get beaten if we make a mistake, and where are our Nord rulers? What are they doing? Typical."
How about I talk to Mulush? Convince him to ease off you.
"You're going to try to talk sense into that Orc? I'll believe it when I see it."
Sorry to hear that.
"Yeah, yeah. I need to get back to work."

When you returned after taking care of Mulush:

I convinced Mulush to treat you more fairly.
"I don't believe it. Someone sticking up for us. Here. It's a week's wages for me, but you've earned every coin."


This quest, despite its name, is actually related to The Forsworn Conspiracy. Originally, Eltrys was meant to give you the names of three people he suspected of having Forsworn ties, and Omluag would be among them:

"Omluag, Uaile, and Ildene are all involved. They must be waiting for the Forsworn to come so they help somehow. Figure out what they're up to. I'll pay you for any information you can find."

All three of these people could be investigated. If you went to investigate Omluag, you would come across a note in his room in the Warrens, which contained a plan to blow up the smelter at which he works. You could then confront him with this note:

I found this note. Planning to bloe [sic] up the smelter, are you?
"Give that back. This is none of your business, outsider."
You're going to tell me what you're planning, first.
"You give me back that note, and maybe we can talk about it. Or I can take it from you. Your choice."
Fine. Take it.
"Good. Now don't tell anyone what you read."
Forget it.
"You asked for this." (He presumably attacks you)
Know anything about the Forsworn? Maybe they want you to help them?
"Yes, all right. I'm helping them. The Forsworn are asking me to sabotage the smelter." (Presumable persuasion check pass)
"Are you crazy? Beat it." (Presumable persuasion check failure)
Stop this madness, Omluag. Innocent people could get hurt.
"Maybe you're right. What if some poor kid wandered too close to the smelter at the wrong time? Fine. I won't go through with it." (Passed)
"No. The Nords have brought this on themselves." (Failed)
What's this conspiracy about? Who else is in on it?
"This is about striking fear in the hearts of the Nords. To let them know they aren't safe from the Forsworn. Ildene, the maid over at the Treasury House, recruited me. Old woman's angrier than I am under all that fake sweetness. I don't know exactly how, but the Forsworn are supposed to break into the city. That's what the smelter sabotage is for. A distraction." (Passed)
"I've already said to much. No more." (Failed)
I need the note you got from the Forsworn. As evidence.
"Fine. Fine. Here. Take it." (Passed)
"I'm not helping you anymore. Forget it." (Failed)

What appears to be an alternate prompt for you would've read:

I need the key to your room. That's where the plans are, aren't they?

The "plans" mentioned here appear to be the "Markarth Smelter Plans", mentioned in another removed quest, MS01A, which also would've involved Omluag and the Smelter, and might've been an earlier iteration of this quest.