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(RefID: 000263CD)
Home City Markarth
Location Temple of Dibella
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 6 Class Priest
RefID 000263CD BaseID 000133B7
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 50
Stamina 83
Primary Skills Conjuration, Restoration, Alchemy, Speech
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes (with patch 1.5+)
Marry Yes
Voice Type FemaleSultry
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; MarkarthTempleofDibellaFaction; PotentialMarriageFaction; TownMarkarthFaction
Senna at the Temple of Dibella

Senna is a Breton priestess at the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. She spends all of her time in the entrance area of the temple at the top floor, informing visitors of the temple's closure.

She becomes marriageable after completing The Heart of Dibella.

She wears hooded monk robes and a pair of boots, and is equipped with an iron dagger. She carries a key to the Temple of Dibella, a key to the Inner Sanctum, and a selection of common items and gold. She knows the Alteration spell Oakflesh, the Destruction spell Ice Spike, and the Restoration spell Healing.

Related QuestsEdit


Upon exiting conversation, she may say:

"Dibella's blessing to you."
"Be careful not to fall on your way out."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Speak to DegaineEdit

Upon entering the temple, you will find Senna, who will inform you that:

"The sisters are communing with Dibella. They can't be disturbed. You'll have to come back another time."
"I'm sorry, the Temple of Dibella is closed. You can receive your blessing, if you wish, but the other sisters are in seclusion."
Who is Dibella? This is her temple?
"A heathen. Lovely. Oh, don't put on that angry look. I'm just teasing you. Dibella is the Divine of beauty. She is a patron deity to artists and bards and those who seek life's simple pleasures. The temple offers her blessings to pilgrims and instruction in enjoying all life has to offer."
Instruction? Where do I sign up?
"Well, you are lovely to look at, and there's so many things I could teach you, but I'm afraid the Temple isn't taking in new students."
Why is the temple closed?
"The sisters are communing with Dibella. They can't be disturbed. You'll have to come back another time."

A Night to RememberEdit

After your drunken night out with Sam, it will be Senna who awakens you from your slumber:

"Wake up! That's right, it's time to wake up, you drunken blasphemer!"
Where am I?
"Of course! You don't remember getting here."
"I see. So you don't remember fondling the statuary, then?"
Unh, my head.
"Yes. Your head hurts and you don't remember where you are. I'm guessing you also don't remember coming in here and blathering incoherently about marriage or a goat. Which means you don't remember losing your temper and throwing trash all over the temple."

You can attempt to persuade or bribe her:

Option Dialogue
Was a man named Sam with me? "Dibella teaches love and compassion, but that doesn't mean we're just going to tell you what you want to know and let you walk away from this. Pick up your mess, then apologize, and if we think you're sincere we'll consider lending you aid."
I'm sorry, I don't even remember how I got here. (Persuade) Passed: "Well, you were deep in your cups when you got here. You were ranting but most of it was slurred. You said something about Rorikstead."
Failed: "Oh, I'd love to help you figure it out, but I'm so busy cleaning up the mess you made of our temple... Now if you were to help tidy up and perhaps apologize afterwards... I might be able to help you."
Tell me how I got here and I'll pay for the damages. (Bribe) Passed: "Well, we can always use contributions. You were ranting when you got here but most of it was slurred. You did say something about Rorikstead  [sic]. Maybe you should take a look there."
Failed: "Oh you must be nobility of some sort. Running around partying and paying others to clean it up. I don't think so. Clean up your own mess."

If you fail to convince her you need to clean up the temple, you'll have to remove some items from the floor. Once this is done you will then receive your answers:

I really do apologize. I think I've picked up everything.
"I suppose that'll do. Dibella teaches up forgiveness, after all. Even for a drunk like you."
So do you remember anything I said when I got here?
"You were ranting when you got here but most of it was slurred. You did say something about Rorikstead. Maybe you should start there."


  • Patch 1.5 sets Senna as essential. Although the patch notes the change as essential "until her part in A Night To Remember is completed", she is simply set as essential for the entirety of the game.


  • Senna does not process the persuasion prompt correctly because the property is missing on the dialogue script.
  • Bribing Senna does not advance your speech skill due to a missing property