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Skyrim:The Battle for Fort Sungard (Stormcloaks)

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Take this fort in the name of the Stormcloaks.
Quest Giver: Galmar Stone-Fist
Location(s): Fort Sungard
Prerequisite Quest: Compelling Tribute
Next Quest: A False Front
Concurrent Quest: Liberation of Skyrim
Reward: None
ID: CWFortSiegeFort
Suggested Level: 6
Imperial and Stormcloak Soldiers battling at Fort Sungard

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Get your orders from Galmar.
  2. Meet the men preparing for the attack.
  3. Take the fort.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Battle for the fortEdit

After finishing the previous quest and returning to Galmar Stone-Fist, he will ask you to meet the men preparing for an attack on Fort Sungard. Head over to the men just north of the fort, and when you reach them they will start running to the fort. Your journal will tell you to take over Fort Sungard by defeating the enemy, and it will keep track of the percentage of enemies left. Simply head up to the fort and assist the Stormcloak soldiers in defeating the Imperials. There are a few wooden barricades out the front of the fort—three hits from a weapon will destroy them. After you have taken the percentage of troops left to kill to zero, the quest will end and you will have to return to Ulfric Stormcloak for the next part of Liberation of Skyrim.


One achievement is unlocked at the end of this quest:


  • Bodies will usually disappear after they have been killed; this is to stop lagging.
  • Not all the enemies are present at the start of the mission; they will spawn when enough are killed.
  • The Imperial soldiers will occasionally drop one of the Divines' amulets (excluding Talos).
  • More enemies will spawn than are needed to kill.
  • This quest, along with Compelling Tribute, may be skipped if you have completed Season Unending.
  • This quest can be completed in the Imperial Legion quest-line if Markarth was handed over to the Stormcloaks during the peace treaty negotiations in Season Unending.
  • If Dragon Rising has been completed beforehand, a leveled Dragon may show up before the battle if you travel from the south road. In this case, the dragon flies in from the east and circles around the fort. Once you climb the hill to the fort, the dragon will attack the Imperial Soldiers, your comrades, and you indiscriminately.


  • If you approach Jarl Igmund, Raerek, or Faleen in the Blue Palace after this quest has been completed, they may attack you on sight. Since all three are essential, they cannot be killed. After the civil war has ended, they will revert back to their non-hostile behavior. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The Battle for Fort Sungard (CWFortSiegeFort)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Galmar Stone-Fist has sent me to assist in taking Fort Sungard from the enemy.
Objective 10: Join the men attacking Fort Sungard
Objective 100: Take over Fort Sungard by defeating the enemy (<Global=CWPercentPoolRemainingDefender>% Remaining)
9000 Finishes quest  We have succeeded in taking Fort Sungard from the enemy.
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