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Nana Ildene
(RefID: 000198E9)
Home City Markarth
Location The Treasury House
Race Breton Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=5-25) Class Witchblade
RefID 000198E9 BaseID 000133A0
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×10 Magicka 50+(PC-1)×5
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, One-handed, Block, Illusion
Perks Augmented Flames (rank 1); Recovery (rank 1)
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleOldKindly
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; MS01TreasuryHouseForsworn; MarkarthTreasuryHouseFaction; Thieves Guild No Pickpocketing Faction; TownMarkarthFaction
Nana Ildene

Nana Ildene is a Breton witchblade who works and lives in Markarth at The Treasury House. She works as a nanny and has done so for twenty years. Her true colors are revealed during The Forsworn Conspiracy.

Nana Ildene spends all of her time sweeping the floor at the foot of the southwestern stairs, just behind the chair where Betrid Silver-Blood sits with her book. During the related quest, should you choose to question Thonar Silver-Blood, Nana Ildene will immediately attack Betrid, who will suffer a scripted death. You will then have to fight her, with the inevitable result. If Nana survives the quest (see notes) she will sweep the floor indefinitely.

She wears a set of farm clothes and a pair of boots, and is equipped with a steel dagger. She carries a key to the Treasury House and a selection of lower-class loot and gold. She knows several spells, specifically Oakflesh, Raise Zombie, Fireball, Firebolt, and Steadfast Ward.

Related QuestsEdit


Ildene will greet you with:

"You just let old nana know if you need anything, all right dear?"
"I've worked in the Treasury House for almost twenty years."
"There isn't an inch of this building that I haven't cleaned up."

When exiting conversation with her:

"Bye now, dearie."
"Take care, dearie."


If she runs into Thonar or front desk manager Rhiada, she will appear almost frightening in her dialogue:

Thonar: "Ah, Nana Ildene, whatever would my family do without you?"
Ildene: "Ah, Thonar, don't you worry. Nana Ildene isn't going anywhere."
Thonar: "Um, good. We reward loyalty, you know."
Ildene: "Oh, I know, Thonar. Only a mad woman would ever betray the Silver-Blood family."
Thonar: "Uh, yes. Quite."
Rhiada: "You have worked here in the Treasury House for a long time, haven't you Ildene?"
Ildene: "Yes, child. Nana Ildene has taken care of the Silver-Bloods for many years...."
Rhiada: "It's just... aren't you worried about the Forsworn? Maybe it's not safe here."
Ildene: "Don't you worry Rhiada. If any Forsworn coming knocking on our door, Nana will let you know...."
Rhiada: "Thanks Nana. I feel better now."

Unused DialogueEdit

Ildene has unused dialogue tied to multiple quests she was once meant to give you. This dialogue can only be found in the game's DialogueViews files, and not the Creation Kit.


Why do they call you "Nana" Ildene?
"Because I take care of people, dear. Make a modest coin helping those Silver-Bloods with their boy. Such a sweet child. When I'm not at the Treasury House, I like to do little things for others around the city. Everyone needs a Nana, don't you think? That reminds me, Degaine needs some medicine for his leg. Injured it working in those mines years ago, you see. Poor boy."
Let me deliver the medicine. You seem busy.
"So well-mannered. Thank you. Now don't you listen to any nasty things Degaine says to you. He's just had a little too much bitter root in his life."
That's unfortunate. Excuse me.
"Of course. Don't let an old woman keep you."

Upon returning:

I gave Degaine the medicine.
"Thank you. Nana has a few spare coins for your help."


This quest, despite its name, is actually related to The Forsworn Conspiracy. Originally, Eltrys was meant to give you the names of three people he suspected of having Forsworn ties, and Ildene would be among them:

"Omluag, Uaile, and Ildene are all involved. They must be waiting for the Forsworn to come so they help somehow. Figure out what they're up to. I'll pay you for any information you can find."

All three of these people could be investigated. If you went to investigate Ildene, you would come across her switching notes with Bothela. After you convinced Bothela to give you the note, you could then read it to find out that Ildene had plans of killing all the Silver-Bloods at the Treasury House. You could then confront her with your findings:

You dropped this note. Plotting against Thonar, are you?
"Oh, old nana Ildene doesn't know what you're talking about, dear. Why don't you just give me that note, and I'll clear this all up."
Drop the act. I want to know what you're up to.
"The note first, whelping [sic]. Then we'll talk."
It's yours. Here.
"That's a good dear."
No. I'm holding on to it.
"If you're not giving me that note, then I'll take it from you."
I've heard the Forsworn are planning something. Know anything about that?
"Not all of us fled to the hills after the rebellion was put down. Some hid in plain sight. Waited. Grew old. I spent years getting the Silver-Blood family to trust me, the harmless grandmotherly native woman.' (Possible persuasion pass)
"The Forsworn? There are no Forsworn in Markarth, dear." (Failed)
This violence has to stop, Ildene. Don't go through with this.
"You know, if you had asked me that even two decades ago, I would have killed you where you stand. But I guess my age is starting to wear down my hatred. Very well, dear. I won't help the Forsworn." (Passed)
"I'm not the warrior I used to be, but I'm still a Forsworn, dear. The Nords are my enemies."
What's this conspiracy about? Who's involved?
"The Silver-Blood family bleeds this city of all its wealth. Every Reachman works under the yoke of their Nord masters. Take poor Uaile, working under that lecherous Nepos the Nose. When the Forsworn come, he will be high on our list. As for how and when, there's no use asking. I know little, and what I do know I will not tell you." (Passed)
"You ask too many questions." (Failed)
I need the note you were going to give the Forsworn.
"Very well, dear. Take it. This whole plan of revenge is starting to ring so hollow in my ears, anyway." (Passed)
"No. I don't trust you, and I'm not about to betray my friends." (Failed)


  • Ildene's death (and her attack on Betrid) can be avoided by pickpocketing and reading Thonar's or Nepos's journals instead of questioning them.