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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Subregions Hew's Bane
The Hew's Bane peninsula in Khefrem circa 2E 582
A map of Hammerfell

Khefrem is a coastal region in southwestern Hammerfell, meeting the waters of the Eltheric Ocean and Hubalajad's Bay. The city of Gilane and ruins of the Rourken capital are part of the region. It contains the peninsula of Hew's Bane, which was originally known as Khefrem's Boot.[1]

The region is also home to the Khefrem Academy of Yokudan Heritage.[2]


In 2E 582, two Daggerfall Covenant officers, Lakhazga gro-Rimat and Morothmash gro-Uzug, defected and fled from Glenumbra to the wilds of Khefrem, where they contacted the Aldmeri Dominion through a Baandari peddler. The Covenant learned about this and pursued them across the Abecean Sea to Auridon, where the Vestige prevented their capture.[3] In the same year, Madam Firilanya, a famous clothier, made landfall in Khefrem during her trip from Anvil to the Alik'r Desert. She noted that the western waters were refreshing.[4]



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