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Battle Leveling is a process in which players have their attributes, abilities and other stats scaled up in order for them to complete the game's content. The system was originally introduced in Update 1 to provide a more even playing field for the Alliance War, and following the release of Orsinium, also applied to zones introduced in DLC packs. The system was applied to the whole game world with the One Tamriel update.

Battle leveling takes into account how you have allocated your attribute points, and the strength of your gear also matters. For example, equipping an epic Level 34 sword will give more damage than a fine Level 34 sword. The effectiveness of your gear is indicated by the Equipment Bonus star rating shown on your character sheet. Battle leveling also applies to any consumables you have in your inventory, to a limited degree. Say for example you are Level 10 using Level 10 potions. Your potions will heal you with full effectiveness until you reach Level 20[verification needed] (hitting the next level bracket). At this point, your potions would then be ten levels out of date and become slightly less effective, healing you at a reduced rate—still decent, but not as good as a Level 20 potion.

Gathering nodes will scale 50/50 to the level of items you can use, based on your crafting tier, or your character level. Your crafting tier is determined by your rank in the Metalworking, Tailoring or Woodworking skill. For example, if you are Level 40 and have unlocked Rank 3 in the Tailoring skill, and Rank 6 in the Metalworking skill, you will see Tier 3 Clothing resource nodes (Cotton) and Tier 6 Blacksmithing nodes (Calcinium) half the time in battle-leveled zones, while the other half of the time, you will see Level 40 (Tier 4) nodes (Spidersilk and Dwarven Ore). Similarly, Alchemy solvent nodes scale based on Solvent Proficiency and character level, and Enchanting potency runestones scale based on Potency Improvement and character level.


  • Prior to Update 9, there was an exception to the gathering node scaling at Rank 10. Rank 10 provided only a rare chance for finding Tier 10 nodes; for example, at Metalworking Rank 10, you would find many Tier 9 Voidstone Ore nodes, while Tier 10 Rubedite Ore nodes were relatively uncommon.
  • Battle leveling was applied to every zone in the One Tamriel update, released in October 2016. Prior to that, only a few zones used the system.
Pre-One Tamriel Battle Leveled Zones
Zone Access Level Content Level Battle Level
Cyrodiil 10  140  150
Imperial City  10  160  150
Gold Coast  3  160  150
Hew's Bane  3  160  150
Wrothgar  3  160  150