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Carry out a contract on behalf of the Dark Brotherhood.
Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Marked for Death
Location(s): Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Varies
Prerequisite Quest: Contract: Kvatch
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
Dark Brotherhood Reward Satchel
5 Dark Brotherhood RepReputation
+5 Dark Brotherhood Rep (for murder spree contract)
XP Gain: Standard Experience
The Marked for Death Book
I accepted one of the Dark Brotherhood's murder-for-hire contracts. There are no stipulations regarding methods or timing, so I may execute the target at my discretion. <or>
I accepted one of the Dark Brotherhood's murder-for-hire contracts, which requests the indiscriminate slaughter of citizens of <location>.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Read the Marked for Death ledger inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and accept your contract.
  2. Travel to the assigned location.
  3. Identify your target(s) and eliminate them.
  4. Return to Elam Drals at the Sanctuary.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Once you have completed Contract: Kvatch, you are able to return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary at any time to receive contracts from the Marked for Death ledger beside Elam Drals.

—Marked for Death—
"Herein lie the countless damned, their worth measured only by the weight of the gold that condemned them.
Find your favorite and drive home the point—preferably with the tip of your blade./Select your meal and devour it whole./Choose your target and kill well./Cast your eyes upon the herd and single out your prey."

<Page through the book.>

Once you have accepted a contract, you will need to travel to the indicated location to find your target. For killing sprees, the victims need not be found within the quest radius marked on your map. This can prove advantageous, as isolated NPCs can often be found at the edge of settlements.

When you return to Elam Drels, he will say one of the following:

"Got a contract? Good. Now off with you."
"It's not my gold, but I'd suggest you get to work on that contract."
"Another notch on your belt, Assassin?"
"Good news to report?"
"What can I do for you, Assassin?"
"You've got a little blood, right about ... there. I trust it's not yours."
"If you're looking for more details on your job, Initiate, what's posted is all you get."
"Aren't you finished yet, Initiate?"
"You're alive. I hope someone else isn't."
"You should know how this relationship works by now, Assassin. Something you wanted?"
"There are plenty more jobs waiting, so finish your current contract."
"How's that contract coming along, Assassin?"
"There will be plenty of time to talk after you've finished your work."
"I expect that contract won't take long, Silencer."
"Go on, Silencer. If the Initiates see you chatting me up they'll start doing it too."
"Have you brought me something, Silencer? You know I love gifts."
"Silencer, a pleasure as always."
"How many souls did you offer up to Sithis today?"

Below is a compiled table showing the locations and targets of contracts per zone, along with the related quest dialogue.

Contracts in Neutral zonesEdit

Contract Location Target Ledger text Elam Drals dialogue
Gold Coast Spree Anvil or Kvatch 3 Citizens "Demand for Gold Coast Mercenaries is starting to decline. We require that the people of the Gold Coast take a renewed interest in our protective services—by any means necessary. Slay whomever you deem appropriate to accomplish this result." "Feeling a little flush after all that work—or is that just arterial spray? It's a cutthroat business out there, and the Gold Coast Mercenaries know that all too well.

Payment, as promised."

Contracts in the Aldmeri Dominion zonesEdit

Contract Location Target Ledger text Elam Drals dialogue
Auridon Market-Side Meadery Malizluz or
"You'd think there wasn't a war going on by the looks of Skywatch these days. We aren't out here bleeding so layabouts can drink their cares away day and night. Send a reminder to the loafers at Market-side Meadery that the world is a cruel place." "Drink on the job? It's not against the Tenets. I often share an ale with a target. Get to know them a bit, let them enjoy one last pleasure. Then I follow them into the shadows and ... you know.

If you want to buy me an ale later, just say the word."

Auridon Skywatch Manor Lendetelmo or
"The Queen has more enemies than the Veil. An agent of one such adversary occupies a position at Skywatch Manor that is too close for comfort. Eliminate this threat. Discretion is preferred, but not required." "Never had much use for royalty. Kings and queens, expecting everyone to kneel and grovel. I made a target kneel and grovel once, just to see what it was like. I suppose I could get used to it, but I enjoyed slitting his throat even better.

Your pay."

Auridon Vulkhel Guard Docks Nomefanya or Tyrrya Mazure "There's a burr in my paw at the Vulkhel Guard Docks whom I would like to see sleep with the fishes. I'm told this phrase connotes murder, but to eliminate any confusion I don't desire any sleeping, only death. Fishes I might consider, if fresh." "I'm fond of the beaches around Vulkhel Guard. Lots of mudcrabs. Great for making a body disappear. And they're good steamed and cracked, too. But not after they went to town on a body. That's just unsanitary.

Here's your pay."

Auridon Vulkhel Guard Manor Yutahbah or
Colinra or
"Queen Ayrenn's court is full of sycophants hanging on her every word and trying to gain her attention. It's sickening! How am I supposed to make an impression with all of them in my way? Kindly make some room at Vulkhel Guard Manor, if you please." "Poison. An interesting tool. I used it once. A splash in the mushroom gravy at one of the Queen's banquets. Got my target, but also killed seventeen other guests. Missed the Queen, though. Apparently she's not fond of mushrooms. Or gravy.

Your gold."

Auridon Vulkhel Guard Market Wanam-Betu or
Sununturil or
"I was passing through the Vulkhel Guard Market, on my way to an audience with the Queen, when some lowly cur had the audacity to cross my path. Kindly dispose of this trash so I don't tread over it in the future." "Nobles, am I right? Snap their fingers and pay their gold, and we'll just kill whoever they point at. I suppose that's what we do, but it still rankles my feathers. That's why I collect noble ears. Just doing my part for the common folk.

Your pay."

Auridon Spree Vulkhel Guard 3 Citizens "The Thalmor have been threatening harsh punishment toward their detractors. We would like to stir up dissent and sacrifices will need to be made. Target citizens in Auridon so we can attribute the murders to the Thalmor." "The Summerset Isles. A murder spree there can be beautiful this time of year. I remember one time when Astara and I were sent on competing contracts. This was before she became the Matron. Anyway, she ... Oh no, I probably shouldn't tell this story."
Grahtwood Altmer Embassy Linaanque "There is a criminal seeking asylum in the Dominion Embassy at Elden Root. I might not be able to touch them there, but I wager the Brotherhood won't be troubled by such politics." "A few words and a handshake don't make you safe. They certainly didn't protect that ambassador from my blade. But I do enjoy visiting embassies. I find their many nooks and crannies make the perfect spots for quiet assassinations.

Here's your pay."

Grahtwood Elden Root Outside Inn Laelette Luillier "I cannot abide loiterers. Popular or not, the Outside Inn is an upstanding establishment. It shouldn't have to suffer beggars and buskers crowding its landing like some cheap Daggerfall brothel. A little pest control would do the place good." "Ah, the Outside Inn. My only regret during my last stay was not lodging my daggers in the little wag running the place. I swear, he laughs himself silly every time he says his establishment's insipid name.

Here's your pay."

Grahtwood Elden Tree Ground Level Hurzjhad "The Spinners at the Elden Tree have gone stale, their stories rehashed and uninspired. They need a spark to ignite their imagination. I think the Dark Brotherhood could give them a fresh tale to spin." "Did you carve your initials into the Elden Tree, or just your target? I find it hard to get excited about an overgrown log, but I can certainly appreciate its scale. You think it ever bears fruit? Now that might be something to fuss about.

Your pay."

Grahtwood Redfur Trading Post Tremona Delvi or Rilbirri "Jone and Jode, my mane is in tangles with these caravans. How are Khajiiti to make a simple profit when traders gouge them at every chance? This one requests you gouge them in return." "I actually have fond memories of the Redfur Trading Post. Fresh Grahtwood game roasted in Khajiiti spices — the finest food served on a stick you can find. And after you've eaten your fill, use the stick to make your next kill.

Here. Your gold."

Grahtwood Upper Elden Root Calysa Dathieu or
"King Aeradan has many concerns that require his attention. Foreign petitioners hovering at the gates of his throne room are not among them. Shove one off in the most certain terms possible, so the King needn't be bothered any further." "You seem to be getting the hang of this. I do enjoy watching a blade become honed and keen. Speaking of which, remember to sharpen your weapon before a job. Too late, I realized my blade was dull. The cut I made was embarrassingly ragged.

Your pay."

Grahtwood Spree Elden Root or Redfur Trading Post 3 Citizens "Back to the forest. That's where we belong. In the soil and the roots and the vines! 'Civilization' is a creeping sickness in Grahtwood. Trim the branches and let the forest flourish." "Here's today's lesson: What do the Wood Elves value above all else? Trees! Isn't that a kick in the pants? I once held back a legion of Grahtwood guards by threatening to pull a small tree out of the ground, roots and all.

At least they pay well."

Greenshade Bramblebreach Farwelayne "You don't thumb your nose at the Wilderking. Not even in jest. There's a loudmouth in Bramblebreach with opinions of our King that ought not be shared. Stuff an apple in their gob and stick them on a spit, I say." "Despite the name, Bramblebreach is remarkably pleasant. They have a talent for cooking with insects that makes me curious how they'd approach scrib. Hmm. I remember a kwama miner. Killed him with his own prod. Good times!

Here. Your payment."

Greenshade Marbruk Fighters Guild Kasynac Luric or
"There's a thief who's been quietly lifting historical pieces from the Fighters Guild in Marbruk. The skooma addict is too well-connected to suffer the consequences of justice. I look to you to help protect these treasures, in your own way." "Good archery school in Marbruk, if that's your sort of thing. I have a fondness for target shooting myself, but I find the bow to be too impersonal when it comes to work. I prefer close-quarter killing to ranged any day.

Here you go. For the job."

Greenshade Woodhearth Docks Miglah "My spouse believes that escaping our marriage is as simple as hopping on the nearest ship to distant shores. If my spouse truly desires a release from our marriage, who am I to deny their heart? Our vow was to death. Make that vow come true." "I must admit, your skills get better with every contract you complete. In fact, the Matron told me that if you complete one more contract in record time, I should put your name on the next sheet of paper.

That's a Brotherhood joke. No, seriously."

Greenshade Woodhearth's Thalmor Office Thaminiel "No more Thalmor in Greenshade! I won't provoke war by attacking them directly, but their sympathizers deserve no mercy. There's someone at the Thalmor headquarters in Woodhearth I'd like you to take care of." "Thalmor bureaucrats are some of the most humorless people I've ever murdered. I used some of my best material on one target and he barely cracked a smile as a gutted him. There's just no accounting for taste.

Oh, here's your pay."

Greenshade Spree Bramblebreach or
3 Citizens "The damn Elves of Greenshade continue to impair our coastal logging industry. If they insist on terrorizing our workers, then we can play that game as well. Chop down anyone fool enough to call the forest home and there will be gold in it for you." "Wood Elves. They're so small, you have to kill at least three of them to get any blood on your blade. From what I can tell, you must have slaughtered an entire village.

Keep up the good work."

Malabal Tor Baandari Trading Post Teriinwe or

Felipe Rarnis

"Every day I suffer the visitation of an insipid fool. Every day, poking and inspecting my wares as if they weren't the same as the day before. Not once has gold crossed my palm, only small talk and stupid smiles. Why? I don't care! It must stop." "I recall a moon-sugar glazed ham I bought at the Baandari Trading Post. This was ages ago. It made my tongue tingle, but left me with this blissful contentment. Made the four assassinations I had to do that much more enjoyable.

Here, your gold."

Malabal Tor Tanglehaven Clenalgor or


"One of the refugees at Tanglehaven watched my daughter dragged off in a raid. Never lifted a finger to help. Was their life exchanged for my bright-eyed little girl? Every moment they draw breath is an affront to her memory. Let us both find peace." "Wood elves! Never could stand the little gnats. Do they always have to be so cheerful? There's nothing as annoying as a target that smiles and laughs all the while you're slicing them open from stomach to stern.

Anyway, here's your pay."

Malabal Tor Valeguard Bolwagon or Raynineth "Some fool keeps feeding the thunderbugs around Valeguard. At best they're distracting to the Spinners, at worse they'll attack one. The guards can handle the bugs, but I want the playful idiot who's been attracting them to feed the worms from now on." "Kor and I went hunting in Malabal Tor once. No, not that kind of hunting! We were stalking the prey with two legs. Wood Elves, to be exact. It was a close contest, but I beat Kor by a nose. And an ear.

Here. You earned this."

Malabal Tor Vulkwasten Cylben Nadus "Vulkwasten is very welcoming of visitors, but a deference to the forest is expected by any who tread here. There is a visitor here now who has desecrated the wood and must be punished for it. Please avenge the Green on my behalf." "I bought a potted fern in Vulkwasten. Had the notion to nurture a green thumb. Not my knack, as it were. Only thing I've unintentionally killed in nearly a decade.

Best stick to what comes natural, right? Your gold."

Malabal Tor Spree Baandari Trading Post or Tanglehaven 3 Citizens "Malabal Tor, Malabal BORE! Kill them! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill them all! Dance in their blood and juggle their bones! Bring me joy, black jesters!" "Is it better to kill one target with excellence or a multitude with mediocrity? I say, as long as they're all dead, who in Oblivion cares?

Here's your pay."

Reaper's March The March Bazaar Mehrafar "I have a customer — former customer — who slanders my good name. So imported water I sold was not free of parasites, I made no such claim! Now they attempt to ruin my trade at the Rawl'kha Bazaar. I must defend my honor, so you must murder them." "Nothing like a Khajiiti bazaar to alleviate boredom. If you find yourself in a rut, spend an hour browsing the stalls. Just leave your purse at home. Come to think of it, don't. Hunting the cutpurse who robbed you is an even better cure.

Your pay."

Reaper's March The Cat's Own Steed Larina Bincal "This one sees the way one of the stable workers stares with unsavory eyes. Sizing up the flanks of the steeds. This one does not with to know what the worker seeks, but trusts it is not anything good. Ensure the safety of the Rawl'kha stables!" "I'm quite fond of horses. Lightly salted, roasted over a roaring flame. If you grew up eating guar, you'd understand that riding a horse is just a waste of good food.

Here, your gold."

Reaper's March S'ren-ja Tilortil "S'ren-ja is a quiet place where one can spend the days in the sun and warm breeze without a care in the world — but now a Daedra worshiper conducts unclean rituals hidden in the dark of night. I have seen it. This evil cannot take root. Cut it out." "I hunted a Khajiit once. Well, more than once, but I'm telling this story. She knew I was tracking her almost immediately. Led me on a wild chase. Then decided to slip back and ambush me. That was her fatal mistake. I always drop caltrops behind me."
Reaper's March Thizzrini Arena Culdilgwe or Thaljorn "Deadbeats. Such a drain on the books. I hate them. Got a welcher with no means hovering around the Thizzrini Arena trying to con another loan. Settle my accounts with the scum." "Watching blood matches! What a waste! Anyone who pays to watch two people bash each other to death is an uneducated barbarian! By the way, I saw how you took down your latest target. I especially appreciated the spray of blood at the end. Well done!"
Reaper's March Spree Greenhill or
Thizzrini Arena
3 Citizens "This one does not wish to depart Reaper's March with the caravan just yet. If it were suddenly too unsafe to take to the roads, this one might see a few more leisurely days. Will the Brotherhood make the March too frightening to travel?" "On the subject of murder, what would you say is the most perfect weapon for the job? Wrong! As long as the target winds up dead, there's no such thing as an imperfect weapon!

Style, on the other hand, counts for everything. Here's your gold."

Contracts in the Daggerfall Covenant zonesEdit

Contract Location Target Ledger text Elam Drals dialogue
Alik'r Desert Halls of Judgment Dumania Varus or Garila Barys "Halls of Judgment? Pah, a gilded, empty promise! Any sense of justice there has long since been strangled by the bickering of the lawyers. Deliver my judgment to one of these vermin and give me hope for change." "Did you try the candied scorpions in Bergama? They have a delightful bite to them. Especially if you neglect to clip the stinger first. I know a confectioner who is happy to overlook that detail for the right price.

Payment's the same, in any case."

Alik'r Desert Sentinel Palace Ornuune or Satrandra or Baimarri "There are spies in the court of Fahara'jad. Perhaps he doesn't see, or merely chooses not to give them notice, but my eyes are sharp—and so are your blades. Cut out this disease." "If you need proof of a Redguard's tenacity, just look at Castle Sentinel. Can you imagine forging a thing of that scale and beauty in such a wasteland? Always give a Redguard a few extra strikes before calling the job done.

Speaking of, good work."

Alik'r Desert Sisters of the Sands Inn Fenarcalmo or Youssad or Radwet "I have been dishonored in battle. Maimed in a duel that leaves me unable to even avenge myself. There is no redemption in this, but I will not let this grievance go unanswered. Deliver my vengeance and you will earn more than my gratitude." "What did you think of the Sisters of the Sands? I don't think anyone can appreciate the feel of cold stone until they've baked in the Alik'r sun. I left three brothers tied up and baking in the sun once. Good times!

Your gold."

Alik'r Desert Stone Oasis Inn Nildedrin or Kambathir or Alma Lollia "The Stone Oasis Inn. A lone traveler. My reasons are my own. Your gold will be waiting." "I do love a contract that gets to the point. Why so many feel the need to justify their reasons to us, I'll never know. I suspect it's more to convince themselves, but I've never had the opportunity to ask.

Here's your pay for the contract."

Alik'r Desert Spree Bergama or
3 Citizens "The Redguards are difficult to intimidate—they'll face any army with defiance and determination, but can the same be said for the looming specter of death? I desire the slaughter of citizens of the Alik'r. Perhaps that will soften their resolve."
"The carrion beetles of the Alik'r can strip the flesh from a corpse in a day. Today's lesson: If you come across bleached bones in the desert sun, be wary. The carrion beetles may still be hungry.

So, there's your tip and here's your pay."

Bangkorai Anchor's Point Inn Thathali or Vancoldalion "The cheeriness of the brewer at the Anchor's Point Inn annoys me. Kindly murder one of her friends during their visit. Maybe that will muffle her insipid blather for a while." "Anchor Point Inn. Fairly unremarkable, but I always stop by for an ale or two if I'm in the area. Besides, they rarely inquire about all the blood. I appreciate that in an innkeeper.

Here you go. This should put a smile on your face."

Bangkorai Evermore Docks Nammokh or Ilen Relvi "I'm at peak capacity for my next voyage, but I've got a deadbeat I'm contractually obligated to bring along. I'd like to have the dead weight become a lot more dead so that I can cut it loose." "Evermore, huh? Ever-bore is more like it. I find the place dreadfully dull. You'd think a murder spree and a daring escape from the city guard would be exciting. But in Evermore? Not so much."

Speaking of not so much, here's your gold."

Bangkorai Evermore Smithy Accalia Celatus or Coyne Dubroc "I've been denied apprenticeship at the prestigious Evermore smithy. Not for lack of potential, oh no, but because my would-be mentor already has a lax apprentice. I hope he will have an opening again soon, if you take my meaning." "Another good way to dispose of a body? Toss it in a blazing hot forge. And as an added benefit, the neighborhood smells like a pork roast for at least a week! Hmm. Oh, now I'm hungry.

Your payment, as usual."

Bangkorai Spree Evermore 3 Citizens "Strained relations between the kingdoms of Hammerfell and High Rock would be a boon to me and mine. If the Brotherhood would accommodate us with an attack of the people of Bangkorai, it would serve our purposes. The sum we offer should suffice." "I spent some time with a woman in Bangkorai once. Those river crustaceans she prepared with pepper spice were magic! Oh, this was after I killed her husband. Turns out, she paid for the contract! It's a small world, I tell you."
Glenumbra Daggerfall Castle Isabeau Jend or Danders Serene "I am positive that one of the staff has been stealing from Daggerfall Castle, and as seneschal it falls to me to resolve the problem. I can't afford to reveal this failure to my liege, so please ensure the problem is resolved ... unconventionally." "Throwing dagger? No? I don't know why no one else finds that funny. The last time I visited Daggerfall Castle, I left mine in a sentry. Had to borrow another one from the kitchen. Decent sandwiches. Had three before I left.

Anyway, here's your gold."

Glenumbra Aldcroft Refugee Camp Vachel Tanier "A spy hides among the refugees at the camp in Aldcroft. It would not be flattering for the Covenant to raise their hand against the helpless, but the Brotherhood has no such reservations. Root out this canker and you shall be rewarded." "Got the day off in Aldcroft? Can't say I envy you. Gloomy town. Save for this one Argonian. You'd know her if you saw her. Runs a winery. Loves her product as much as I do. It warms my heart. Oh wait. I had to kill her. Pity.

Your gold. Good work."

Glenumbra Daggerfall Harbor District Vitrus Chriane "I can't tolerate thieves—and there's one who's been smuggling my goods from Daggerfall's port. The only thing I would like to see disappear from the docks is this sticky-fingered cur." "Daggerfall's docks are a tricky place. Lots of trade, lots of witnesses. Great place to pick up a bargain, though. Bought a whole crate of local funerary decorations a while back. Little touch of home for the departed.

Got your pay right here."

Glenumbra Daggerfall Marketplace Arghragdush or Pakee "I'm being muscled out of my trade by a well-connected competitor. I'll pay handsomely for the Brotherhood to show how cutthroat business can really be." "Daggerfall has these curious little sausages in a sweet brine. Addictive as Skooma and twice as tasty. Reminds me of a contract. Client wanted the target's pinkies sliced off. Ah, memories!

Next time, bring back a few sausages. Here's your gold."

Glenumbra Lion Guard Redoubt Irbran Geonette or Amelie Lemonds or Emilien Sele "A coward hides among the Lion Guard. My kin's blood is on their hands. So shall their blood be on yours." "Another corpse for Cath Bedraud—let's hope it stays put! Used to be a good place to think before the dead started shambling about.

Don't worry. You completed the contract. It's not our fault if some people don't have the good graces to stay dead."

Glenumbra Spree Daggerfall or
Lion Guard Redoubt
3 Citizens "Trade is the lifeblood of Glenumbra's rulers. Stifle it and they will weaken, perhaps to the point of collapse. Strike terror into the populace, keep them cowering in their homes, and reap the rewards." "Glenumbra. If not for all the Bretons, it would be a perfectly quaint little community. Glad to see you were able to reduce their numbers by a few.

Oh, and excellent on that contract, by the way. You really earned this."

Rivenspire Dusklight Inn Vimy Beaufort or Valveli Arano or Franck Lothaire "My prey has fled farther than I have reach, but the Brotherhood does not share my limitation. Find them in the Dusklight Inn and deliver your form of judgment. Prove you can't run from the past." "I'm sure no one will notice a little more gloom at the Dusklight Inn. If I lived out there, I'd be in a drunken stupor every waking hour to forget that fact.

Hope the pay was worth the bother."

Rivenspire Oldgate Simone Surilie or Ruffe Imbel or Thiery Malyne "House Dorell has an agent keeping careful watch of the traffic through Oldgate. I wish them blinded for a time. My payment upon the watcher's death." "Oldgate has all the charm of a jailhouse door clanging shut behind you. Last threshold on the path to a new and dismal life. You did someone a mercy out there.

Here, your thanks for a life cut short."

Rivenspire Shornhelm Fighters Guild Nuzhi or Burzura or Nienornith "My advancement in the Fighters Guild seems to have plateaued. Thrice now, I've watched whelps pass me by in rank. It won't happen again! Kill my rival in Stormhaven so that I might finally get my due." "A trip to the Fighters Guild? Exciting work. I do so enjoy sending those sell-swords to the Void. You'd think they'd be harder to kill, but they bleed as red as any target. Maybe a bit redder.

Here's your gold."

Rivenspire Spree Hoarfrost Downs or
Oldgate or
3 Citizens "The Covenant's brought order that has given the citizens of Rivenspire a reprieve from their daily fears. That must not be allowed. Seek them in their hearths and havens to plant the seeds of horror back into their hearts, and I will be pleased." "We're a scary bunch, I'll grant you that. But with bloodfiends, werewolves, and so much else, what's another horror lurking in the shadows for a place like Rivenspire?

Your employer seems satisfied, so I guess you were suitably frightening. There."

Stormhaven Alcaire Courtyard Cimber Flavus or Laruumorien "Lost the best job I ever had at Alcaire Castle over a simple misunderstanding! Gossipers think their lies are harmless, but it's my life they're playing with. It's my turn to play with theirs." "Oh, I love Alcaire Castle. Did you see the waterfall? Bubbles up from an underground river. Best place in the entire region to make a body disappear.

Here you go. For your savings."

Stormhaven Wayrest Castle Ardine Amedee or Pierrie Bacqure or Rerlas Ragon "Those who serve powerful people should learn to keep out of earshot. There's an eavesdropper in Castle Wayrest that must be silenced. My gratitude will be substantial." "I find it telling that the Wayrest Castle balconies overlook the treasury instead of the sunset, which is beautiful by the way. Gold will be the death of that dynasty.

Speaking of gold, good work."

Stormhaven Koeglin Village Denille Derre or Charloux Rarnis "A jealous busybody in Koeglin Village conspired with the Ember-Eye Slavers to take my love from me. Taking their life is the least I can do in return. I will pay any price." "Koeglin Village is a bit of a hidden jewel. Best fresh crustaceans you'll ever taste, sold right in their markets. I weep for the day the traders in Wayrest catch on.

Anyway, your pay."

Stormhaven Wayrest Docks Gwenuinas or Gastarge Lavergne or Snarbugag "An agitator stalks my docks. Talks about organizing a guild of dock workers. I won't have it. Shut this fool up with extreme prejudice." "You'd think Wayrest was the center of the universe with the way its citizens carry on. I recall having a conversation with one of the locals. He made a very persuasive point. Then I stuck my dagger in his eye.

Save this for your next visit."

Stormhaven Spree Alcaire Castle or
Koeglin Village or
3 Citizens "Smuggling is becoming far too difficult in Stormhaven these days. I need a distraction of sorts. Scare up some bodies to keep the guards busy for a while and your cut of my profits will be nothing to scoff at." "Ever dream of the most perfect kill? Sometimes it keeps me up at night, imagining the best way to send a soul to Sithis. I thought I figured it out once. It came to me in a dream. But a dead chicken and a soup spoon make for terrible weapons."

Contracts in the Ebonheart Pact zonesEdit

Contract Location Target Ledger text Elam Drals dialogue
Deshaan Mournhold City Center Maeresha or Dedaenc Favel or Elmera Llandu "There's an employee in the bank at Mournhold City Center who's skimming from the tills. I know the thief, but I can't prove it to the authorities. I'd like to settle their account. Permanently." "Mournhold's a nice place to visit, but ... well, you know. I do get a little homesick on occasion. A night of dusky beauties and sujamma scrib-jelly shots are hard to come by on the Gold Coast.

Here. Save a little for your next visit."

Deshaan Mournhold Fighters Guild Bahree or Belyn Raviro "I am forced to reside with a vassal of a rival house at the Mournhold Fighters Guild. I will not tolerate it. House first, guild second. I trust the Brotherhood has no qualms about infringing on Morag Tong territory—for the right incentive." "I do enjoy contracts to eliminate those Fighters Guild buffoons. All that armor and weapons and they still don't have eyes in the back of their heads. They expect everyone to face them head on and fight fair, the fools.

Here's to easy marks."

Deshaan Tal'Deic Fortress Thelvamu Verethi or Goldyn Nethan or Mivryna Nerandas "The seeds of mistrust are sown easily among the Dark Elves. Tal'Deic Fortress already stands on shaky ground. An assassination there could be the tipping point. Plant the seeds of fear and you will be rewarded." "We Dark Elves tend to think of fortresses as less of a protective barrier and more of a means to discreetly organize one's enemies. Is it odd that I sleep better in a den of assassins than I ever did at home?

Here, for your work."

Deshaan Tribunal Temple Sosara Vette "I seek to give an offering to the Anticipations, but my pleas to the Morag Tong go unanswered. I wish the blood of an innocent spilled upon the floor of the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold. Fulfill my prayer, if you please." "Gods that walk around and greet followers give me the shivers, don't you agree? I prefer ancient and unknowable deities. Separation of church and state, as it were. And at least Sithis only asks for blood.

Here's your gold."

Deshaan Spree Mournhold or
3 Citizens "Never forgive. Never forget. The Dark Elves deserve worse than even you can deliver them, but a massacre will deliver some consolation. Stain the soil of Deshaan with blood." "Someone really had an ax to grind with the Dark Elves. Good thing they didn't know who's on the other side of the contract, am I right? The truth is, we're just as awful to each other, so they shouldn't take it personally. Still, they paid good gold."
Eastmarch Fort Amol Margaud Donze or Itman "Revelers making camp outside of Fort Amol are creating morale problems for the garrison stuck guarding the walls. We need the troops, but the loss of a camp follower or two should put a chill on their party. See to it." "Fort Amol? Never heard of it. I killed a Forn Anil once, near a river that ran past a fort. Or was that on a cliff overlooking a ford? I really should start writing my memoirs one of these days ....

Anyway, here's your pay."

Eastmarch Jorunn's Stand Rennbjara or Fresmara or Heralda Belloq "My kin dishonors our name. Sleeps on watch. Drinks to excess. Makes our ancestors weep in Sovngarde. No punishment has made a difference, so I wash my hands of the laggard. Make it quick, if you can." "Nords. Even their cheese is bigger and bolder than those of the other races. I once killed a Thane with a wheel of Nord cheese loosed from a cart at the top of a hill. As Sithis is my witness, her guards, as well.

Before I forget, your gold."

Eastmarch Windhelm Docks Idofrid "One careless jest cost my brother his life. A playful shove into the frigid waters off the Windhelm Docks and he was gone. I don't care that they tried to save him. That it was an accident. My brother is dead, and they must answer for it." "Windhelm. You know they dunk their sweetrolls in mead. Only the Nords, am I right? Speaking of which, we received a mysterious package full of sweetrolls today. I recommend avoiding the temptation. Never trust an unannounced dessert, I always say."
Eastmarch Windhelm Fighters Guild Odela "A glorious death is a warrior's privilege. I won't let some milk-drinker claim the same right as me because they can wave a sword in the direction of the enemy. Kill the pretender and leave battle to the real warriors." "Eastmarch. Too much snow and too many Nords for my taste. But speaking of taste, I did try that Voljar's mead once. Awful stuff! I had to kill three drunks and a bard to get the taste out of my mouth!

Your gold. Oh, and don't spend it on the mead."

Eastmarch Spree Jorunn's Stand 3 Citizens "The Thanes of Eastmarch overstep their authority. They may host the King in their hold, but that does not make them monarchs. Strike their territory. Let their ability to keep order come into question. I can hope they lose favor with the King." "I never could understand Nord politics. It seems to involve lots of yelling and copious amounts of mead. Still, if they're willing to pay for our services, who am I to complain?

Here. For you."

Shadowfen Hissmir Mikeesh or Olivier Gimbert "I erect the spine of contempt. A traveler who has come to Hissmir for refuge is most vexing to me. I have urged this annoyance to move on, but they insist on staying another month. I cannot have it. Return the calmness to my disposition" "Argonians, right? Green-Venom-Tongue aside, on the whole the lizards make for a strange set of luggage. Even the ones I've murdered were unfathomable. I tried to discuss it with a target once, but he kept talking about mud and bugs. Infuriating!"
Shadowfen Mud Tree Village Chee-Sakka "I really can't take it here anymore. The bugs, the disease, the rain. I'm too sick to leave and too weak to end this miserable existence. Find me in Mudtree Village and throw me to the swamp. Just—don't let me see it coming. I truly am a coward." "Death by assassin. I suppose there are worse ways to enter the Void. But to pay us to end your life? And I thought I'd seen everything! Don't pass it on, but I'd cut your throat just for the fun of it if you asked nicely.

Here's your gold."

Shadowfen Riverside Market Zoellene Pouzou "My people may not be openly enslaved now, but that does not mean we are free from injustices. I have found a group that smuggles our eggs out of Black Marsh through Riverside Market. Punish their ringleader and no price will be too steep." "I raise the spine of ridiculousness in your general direction. Ha! Those lizards, am I right? After one contract, the client was so pleased that she made me a pair of boots—using the Argonian I just killed at her request!

Ah, memories. Your pay."

Shadowfen Stormhold Guild Hall Tludul "My lover—former lover—is entangled with an oily-muscled brute of the Fighters Guild in Stormhold. My ex-lover spends practically every waking hour at the guildhall, doting on those low-browed—oh, you get the idea. Just kill the two-timer." "I visited Stormhold once when it was still in Dark Elf hands. Must make for some awkward town meetings since the Argonians took it back. I imagine the Shadowscales keep quite busy.

You too, by the looks of it. Here's your reward."

Shadowfen Spree Hissmir, Mud Tree Village or Stormhold 3 Citizens "The Ebonheart Pact is civilizing Black Marsh in the eyes of outsiders. That frightening reputation is the greatest protection Shadowfen has. Keep the shadow of death lingering over this place, so the outsiders will maintain their distance." "All that fuss over a swamp? Unbelievable! Did I ever tell you about my travels in Black Marsh? More souls went to Sithis and more bodies sank into the mud during my visit, I'm proud to admit. But I also got red-sore fever.

You had to remind me."

Stonefalls Davon's Watch Docks Derveglor, Varon Baro or Valentina Sette "Enclosed are the necessary papers and remuneration for the issuance of a Writ of Execution. My enemy will be found at the Davon's Watch Dockyards, though I do not know for how long, so I hope the guild will process this request with due haste." "Hmm. I don't think this contract was intended for us. We've got the gold, and you've done the deed, so we'll just call this bit of poaching a happy accident—or the will of Sithis, whichever you prefer.

There's your due."

Stonefalls Ebonheart Tribunal Temple Gadeneri Othril "There is a worshiper of Azura undermining the Tribunal within their own temple. This behavior is as backward as it is dangerous. Snuff it out before it can grow into something destructive." "Back from Ebonheart? Did you try the blackened snake hearts? I grew so fond of them while working in the area. Come to think of it, one contract called for the death of the region's best chef.

Blackened snake hearts never tasted the same after that."

Stonefalls Fort Arand Headquarters Teleri Darethran "Latrine duty. Nobody likes it, but you do it or everybody suffers. Well, we're suffering. I've tried disciplining the troublemaker, but lashes aren't getting the point across. An unfortunate casualty needs to be suffered." "Never fancied military service. I prefer death be delivered in a more intimate fashion. I'm sure the Night Mother feels the same way. You don't see us marching armies out for slaughter, after all.

Neither here, nor there, I suppose. Here, payment."

Stonefalls Kragenmoor's Grandmaster Palace Farena Alari or Uwa-Meenus or Bralyn Delms "Damn the Dark Elves. Damn the Pact. And Damn the House of Dres! I wish to see their downfall, but I wish them to see it even more so. I've selected someone I wish the Brotherhood to dispatch—a declaration of intent and promise of things to come." "House Dres. Even as a Dark Elf, I never could abide slavery. At least murder is swift and sure. A slave dies slowly, one arduous task at a time. It's enough to make the Night Mother Weep!

But on to more cheerful discourse—here's your gold."

Stonefalls Spree Davon's Watch or
Ebonheart or
3 Citizens "Brothers and Sisters, our Sanctuary requests assistance to embarrass the Morag Tong. For any willing to lend their blade to the cause, come to Stonefalls and let the streets run red." "Kill anyone I know while you were away? Not that I'd mind. This is the only family I care about these days. That goes for you as well.

Consider this like an allowance. Keep up with your chores and you get a special treat."

The Rift Nimalten Nikaolde "I'm losing my mind. There's a skald in training in Nimalten who should give up the dream for all our sakes. Has a voice like nails hammered into your ears and dragged along sandstone. Make it stop before I wind up with blood on my own hands!" "Nimalten's just one more bump on the road beyond Riften, but there's a good reason to stop there—goat cheese curds dipped in hot oil and honey. The hot oil can also be used to take down a target.

Talk about mixing business with pleasure!"

The Rift Riften Docks Drosine "Need slaughterfish bait. Can handle disposal. Riften Docks. Soon as possible. Worth more than a glimpse of gold." "I often employ slaughterfish for challenging contracts. I hate not doing the job myself, but you have to admire those teeth that swim. I've seen them reduce a Nord to bones faster than Tanek can throw a knife. Today's lesson: everything is a weapon."
The Rift Riften Fighters Guild Izzayya "The milk-drinkers at the Riften Fighters Guild wouldn't honor my request for rat extermination. I've lost half my stores of cheese! I want you to exterminate the real vermin infesting our Fighters Guild." "Lesson for today: never get between a Nord and his mead. Or his rabbit meatballs, for that matter. I've used both to lure the fools to their deaths. But you know what? Give a Nord a mead and a rabbit meatball and he dies happy.

Here's your gold."

The Rift Shor's Stone Ubkhawan "I'm suspicious of a spy in Shor's Stone. They're feeding and commuting with birds. I know the Reachmen have their Hagraven allies. Surely all this speaking with birds is meant to send messages to our enemies. It must stop." "A Nord once told me that Reachmen eat stones. Something about hardening the body. From the ones I know, it must only apply to their heads. Mostly I'm just saying they're thick, but I did shatter a sword against a Reach skull once.

Payment, as usual."

The Rift Spree Nimalten or
Riften or
Shor's Stone
3 Citizens "My exile leaves me hollow. I miss the land of my birth, but I may never call it home while those who claim it still live there. I appeal to you: bring sorrow to the people of the Rift—if not to chase them away, then just to console my spirit." "I spent a lovely evening listening to a Sermonizer in Kvatch. He went on and on about how terrible the Dark Brotherhood is. I found it quite amusing. And so did he, when I stuck an ice pick in his ear.

Speaking of perfect kills, here's your payment."


  • If you are below level 50, this quest will only assign you targets in your own starting alliance zones. On reaching level 50, you can be assigned targets in any alliance zone.
  • Murder spree / killing spree contracts are given randomly by the Marked for Death ledger. A player may open and close the ledger repeatedly until the ledger text matches one of the spree contracts, and thus obtain the higher reputation reward (+10 instead of +5).


  • The Gold Coast Spree contract is incorrectly tagged as a Gold Coast quest and not a guild quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Dark Brotherhood Contracts
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must locate my target at the <location>.
Objective: Go to the <location>
I identified my target. I'll make the kill at the first opportunity.
Objective: Kill <target>
My victims must be within <location> when I kill them to fulfill this contract.
Objective: Murder citizens in <location>: 0/3
Objective Hint: Murder Any Citizen to Achieve Your Goal
☑Finishes quest My contract target is dead. I must report my success to the Sanctuary. or
My contract is complete. I must report my success to Elam Drals at the Sanctuary.
Objective: Return to Elam Drals