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Akatosh Sermonizer
Home City Kvatch
Race Imperial Gender Varies
Health 13187
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Watchmen
Akatosh Sermonizer
A male Akatosh Sermonizer

Akatosh Sermonizers are Imperial watchmen and members of the clergy who decry the Dark Brotherhood throughout Kvatch.

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They spend most of their time preaching the evils of murder, using one of the following scripts:

"Murder is a filthy business in the eyes of Akatosh!"
"And those who treat murder as business are the worst of all!"
"Hear me, faithful of Akatosh! I speak of the foul followers of Sithis!"
"The Dark Brotherhood! Cowards and skeever lovers, the lot of them!"
"There's a hidden evil corrupting Kvatch."
"These villains are cowards, hiding in the shadows!"
"They are toothless dragons! powerless, frightened."
"Do not fear the Dark Brotherhood! They are children compared to Akatosh!"

After A Lesson in Silence is completed, their sermons become sheepish:

"It's all right to be angry, you faithful of Akatosh!"
"But they'll never silence her voice! Her sermons will live on!"
"Just, perhaps, with a little less zeal until some of this blows over."
"The Grand Sermonizer, called home to Akatosh before her time!"
"But Akatosh and his Primate will guide us through these troubling times."
"We just have to have faith, my friends. And maybe a little wine …."


  • While Akatosh Sermonizers are preaching, two or three citizens will gather to listen; thus it is easiest to kill them while they are silent.