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Alcaire Castle
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Northwestern Stormhaven
Alcaire Castle

Alcaire Castle is a castle in northwestern Stormhaven.

It is ruled over by Duke Nathaniel and is where he and his wife, Duchess Lakana, make their home. Many Knights of the Flame also reside here as the protectors of the Duke and Duchess. The Dukes of Alcaire have been ruling over western Stormhaven since the late First Era.

Just outside of the walls, a few buildings can be found surrounded by the Redguard army camp. To the complete south, some Fighters Guild members can be found camping by the castle stables as well as a Mages Guild camp. On the south side within the walls is the inn with the castle itself sitting just north of it. The market is located directly to the east of the castle.

With the arrival of a large Redguard force, many residents of the castle and the surrounding area fear an attack by King Fahara'jad's men and an end to the Daggerfall Covenant.

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Alcaire Castle Wayshrine

Alcaire Castle Wayshrine is located to the east of the castle, just south of Newgate.



A map of Alcaire Castle