Sentinel Palace
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Alik'r Desert
Sentinel Palace

Sentinel Palace is the palace of King Fahara'jad in Sentinel. A safebox can be found in the back left alcove. There is a garden behind the palace, which the king encourages all of his associates to relax in. Several goats graze there, and a dog wanders near the fountain. Turaman and Mehfa are located here. A funeral is being held for Duchess Lakana in the courtyard north of the palace.

An advanced safebox is located against the southeastern wall on the first floor. A poem titled An Ode to the Red Bird is located on the opposite side of the room, next to Satrandra on the couch. Another advanced safebox is located upstairs, on the southwest side of the room. A book titled The Lost Islands of Old Yokuda lies on a table near the northern stairs. A door to the southeast on the second floor leads to the balcony.

A dog is sniffing beneath one of the tables. The dog occasionally sits by the railing. Straight ahead, two monkeys are sitting across from each other at a dining table.

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