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Location Mistral, Velyn Harbor, Vulkwasten, Dune, Halls of Ichor, S'ren-ja
Port Hunding, Daggerfall, Koeglin Village, Alcaire Castle, Wayrest, Northpoint
Kozanset, Viridian Watch
Bleakrock Village, Davon's Watch
Rimmen, The Stitches
Species Chicken
Health 1
Reaction Passive
Poultry, Guts, Lake Bait

Chickens are domesticated birds found around settlements. A male chicken is called a rooster. If you are seen killing one, you will incur a bounty. Black chickens can be found in Rimmen. White Chickens can be found in Rimmen and The Stitches

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There are four Achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Poultry Assassin.png Poultry Assassin 5 Kill a livestock chicken or bantam guar.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Butcher 5 Kill a total of ten livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Slaughterer 5 Kill a total of one hundred livestock animals.
ON-icon-achievement-Butcher.png Livestock Mass Murderer 5 Kill a total of five hundred livestock animals.