ON-icon-food-Cheese.png Cheese
Type Food Medium
A cheese wedge

Cheese is an ingredient used in Provisioning to make a variety of Food dishes. As a medium-type ingredient, it is used in a wide variety of foods. All but the most basic recipes and Gourmet recipes will use a medium of some type. Cheese may be found in containers or on tables throughout Tamriel.


Meat DishesEdit

Meat Dishes have an Increase Maximum Health effect.

Fruit DishesEdit

Fruit Dishes have an Increase Maximum Magicka effect.

Vegetable DishesEdit

Vegetable Dishes have an Increase Maximum Stamina effect.

Savory DishesEdit

Savory Dishes involve Meat and Fruit, and increase both Health and Magicka maximums.

Ragout DishesEdit

Ragout Dishes involve Meat and Vegetables, and increase both Health and Stamina maximums.

Entremet DishesEdit

Entremet Dishes involve Fruit and Vegetables, and increase both Magicka and Stamina maximums.



In addition to the above, Cheese is used as an ingredient in the following Furnishing plans: