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Location Wilderking Court
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction Friendly
The Wilderking
The Wilderking on his throne in Greenheart.

The Wilderking is a god of the Bosmer who manifests on Nirn in the body of a mortal High Elf named Ostion. He is often encountered levitating in the air, with a trail of faded green lights and leaves falling down around him. At the conclusion of the Greenshade questline, he dies and is replaced by the Wilderqueen.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Audience with the WilderkingEdit

After touching the Petitioning Stone, the Wilderking will appear:

"Welcome to my Court, outsider. Since you entered my domain, I have watched your actions with a keen interest. You have been generous with my people and more patient than I expected.
But I still cannot gather one thing—why have you come?"
I've come to negotiate on behalf of the Dominion.
"Hmm. Again, not what I expected. I think I've heard of this … "Aldmeri Dominion," but I don't see how inclusion in this group would appeal to me or to the people in my domain.
Aligning with you would only alienate us from others."
You would only be alienated from our common enemies.
"Interesting. You think we have common enemies? My only enemies are those who would seek to harm Valenwood.
Let us test your theory though. Show me one of these enemies of whom you speak, so I might better understand."
All right. How do I do that?
"Use the other stone pillar. The one on the platform behind us. Touch that stone pillar and an apparition will appear. One of your enemies, as you say.
Fight this enemy so that I might see its true nature."
[Persuade] Can you give me any assistance in this fight?
"I am pleased to be able to lend you strength to face this enemy from your past."

Speaking to him again:

"Touch the stone pillar on the rise behind us.
Show me the enemies that you would have me share with your Dominion."

Return to the Wilderking after defeating the spirit of Norion:

"I sensed the darkness in the heart of the one you fought, but he has already been defeated, has he not? And those like him … they may not all share his darkness.
You should have me call these people enemies, though?"
Yes. They are known as the Veiled Heritance.
"The Veiled Heritance. Yes. I am familiar with this distinction as well.
There is one among this group who has come to Valenwood to see me, and I find her curious … very curious. I am not inclined to consider her an enemy."
Who is this person you're referring to?
"She is one who has been blessed with fascinating gifts. Gifts I cannot afford to ignore.
You would know her identity though. I was able to capture one of her memories. Touch the stone again and I will share it with you."

Speak to him and he'll warn:

"Look for the truth behind the appearances in her memory. She is a very special young lady."

Speak to the Wilderking to reveal his view on the vision:

"As you've just seen, the young girl—Aranias—is associated with the Veiled Heritance. Until I know more about her, I hesitate to call her an enemy.
I will have more insight soon though. Even now, Aranias is on her way to my throne."
But she's coming with Andur to destroy you.
"So she believes, but there may be a greater truth to her purpose here.
You may not like this, but I sense the same is true of you."

The Spinner's TaleEdit

After petitioning the Wilderking, he will reflect on Aranias' fate:

"Like the branches of a Graht Oak, I believe that Aranias' destiny, my destiny, and your destiny are all intertwined.
I cannot yet see how these events will play out, but I do know that like Aranias, you must come deeper into the forest."
Where do I need to go?
"You must eventually come to my throne, but not yet. Each of us is a strand to be spun into the story of Valenwood.
You should seek out the spinner, Maruin. He can tell us how this story began, and where it should end."
What about Andur and Aranias? Will you be safe?
"Yes. Traveling through Valenwood is a funny thing. It may take them many days to find the path to my throne.
You have all the time you need. Find the Spinner's Cottage and speak to Maruin. Safe journeys, my friend."
All right. I'll look for Spinner Maruin then.

The Wilderking will then fade away, leaving you to your task.

Throne of the WilderkingEdit

As you follow the path towards Greenheart, the Wilderking will appear before you:

"It is good you're here. With earth magic and fire, Aranias and Andur force their way towardsmy throne, leaving chaos in their wake.
I've lost control of my guardians. My power fades. I've always wondered what death would be like. Soon, I will know."
You're just going to give up?
"My end was inevitable all along. Someone new must become caretaker of the Valenwood. Aranias was guided here for this purpose.
It's fascinating. In here hearth, I think she knows the truth, but she's conflicted. Perhaps its Andur's influence?"
What should I do to change that?
"I think you should catch up with them. Follow the trail of fire.
Aranias must choose to accept the responsibility of her own accord, but Andur will not understand. I expect he will oppose her and she will need your help to defeat him."
Then I will try and catch up quickly.

He'll then vanish. Follow the path up to the ruined village and you'll find him again in the ruined manor:

"Quickly. Aranias waivers. She knows now why she was guided here—not to destroy the Valenwood, but to save it.
She wants to change course, but she's afraid. She's afraid to stand up to Andur."
Where are they?
"Aranias' powers grow as she draws closer to the throne. She opened the ground here and they entered the Throne Tunnels.
You must follow. You must be there to help Aranias when she decides to make her stand."
Don't worry. I'll be there when she needs me.
"If Andur kills me before I pass the mantle to Aranias, there will be no caretaker of the Valenwood.
The forest would become a voracious monster. It would turn against the Bosmer and ultimately bring about its own destruction. You must stop him."
[Persuade] It would help if your forest spirits weren't attacking me.
"My hold over the creatures of the Valenwood has weakened. That is why they panic and attack.
I lack the strength to pull them back, but I can make it so you appear less threatening. Be careful though. This enchantment will only last a short time."

After you defeat Andur, you'll find the Wilderking in his tower:

"Aranias was guided here to take my place, but I believe you were guided her to assure her ascension.
If you had not come, I fear Andur would have killed us both, leaving the Valenwood wild and vengeful. Many lives would have been lost."
So Aranias will now become the "Wilderqueen?"
"Yes. For centuries, my sole focus has been shaping and maintaining the Valenwood, protecting it from outside influence, and from itself.
Now that she has come, I am free to return to the earth, give back to that which has given so much to me."
Where is Aranias now?
"She is up above. You should go to her. She is frightened of the transformation process, but you must comfort her.
This is the natural course of things. It is necessary for her, and for the Valenwood, but she must choose it of her own accord."

The Wilderking's final words will be:

"Goodbye now. It's time for me to rest."

To the left of him, you'll find a ladder to the central room.


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