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Elam Drals
Location Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Gideon, Welke, Fort Redmane Blackwood
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower An Unexpected Adversary
Faction(s) Dark Brotherhood
Elam Drals

Elam Drals is a dry-witted Dunmer member of the Dark Brotherhood. You will meet Elam inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary where he will assign you various assassination contracts. The contracts become available after you have become an initiate of the Brotherhood and after you have met some members of your new family.

According to several of the related comments, Elam Drals seems to have a distinct passion for food. He also claims to be a consummate vossa-satl player.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

When you speak to Elam Drals before accepting the quest Welcome Home, he will say,

"Well met, Sister/Brother. I coordinate our family's more mundane contracts. I suggest you get used to this face, because you're going to be seeing a lot of me."

Welcome HomeEdit

If you talk to Elam Drals before you speak to Astara, he will greet you with

"You must be the new initiate. I've heard some unbelievable things about you. Still, you can't be too good. Your name hasn't appeared on one of my contracts yet. What? That's a Dark Brotherhood joke. Don't you have a sense of humor?"

After Astara suggests you meet the other members of the Brotherhood, you can either go directly to Elam or talk to the others first. When you speak to Elam, he will greet you as before, then the conversation continues

Astara said I should speak with you.
"Did she now? Are you sure that's what she told you to do? Wouldn't want you to get in trouble your first day in the Sanctuary.
Now that you're here, we might as well discuss your training."
My training?
"Don't repeat what I say. It annoys me. Now where was I? Oh yes, your training.
Complete a contract, receive your reward. Prove yourself, and more significant contracts will be made available to you. It's simple, really."
I understand.
"I don't expect you to last a week, but as long as you're still here ….
Ready for your first contract, Initiate?"

With that, the quest completes and you can now start accepting various contracts.

Contract: KvatchEdit

Your first contract received will always be in Kvatch. When you talk to Elam, he will say:

"Not everyone appeals to the Dark Brotherhood through the Black Sacrament. For those with copious amounts of gold to spare, we usually indulge their more mundane requests.
Are you ready to take on your first contract?"
I'm ready.
"Typically, you'll consult the ledger, "Marked for Death," but I've handpicked something special for your first job."
Who do I have to kill?
"Travel to the city of Kvatch, identify the target listed on this contract, then eliminate them. I encourage you to practice with the Blade of Woe, but as long as the target dies, it doesn't really matter how you kill them.
Can you manage that?"
I'll return when my target is dead.

After that you have the option to ask him more about the contracts and himself, although he isn't particularly keen about your inquiries, asking:

"What are you standing around for? I'm not too much at and neither is this room."
Who takes out these contracts?
"Anyone can find a reason to kill someone. Ambition, jealousy, humiliation. I once killed for a jester who couldn't take a joke.
Careful who you heckle in Stormhaven."
I'd like to know more about you.
"Me? I'm flattered. No, that's not the right word ….
Uncomfortable? Yes, that's it. Whatever do you want to know about me for?"
I just want to know who I'll be working with.
"Not the brooding type? Good. They're a bore.
I've been with Astara at this Sanctuary since its inception. More years than I care to remember. In that time I've done enough contract killing to know how to drum up business. It's my charm."

When you have finished your first contract and return to Elam Drals, he will say,

"You're back, I see. How could I not? You're standing in my light. So tell me. How did you do?"
I completed my first contract.
"Well, good for you. But don't get too full of your accomplishments just yet. That was a fairly easy contract I started you with.
Come back when you're ready for more. If the Speaker or the Matron give an order, though, that takes priority."

Speaking with him after the quest:

"Even the simplest contract represents a pact one enters into with the Dark Brotherhood.
Take each contract seriously. After all, we built our reputation on … customer satisfaction."

Dark Brotherhood ContractsEdit

After completing Contract: Kvatch, you can access the repeating quest of Dark Brotherhood Contracts. See the article for the repeating quest for all his related dialogue.

A Lesson in SilenceEdit

After you have completed this quest, you have the opportunity to ask Elam Drals about the risks related to being an assassin for hire,

How often does an assassin die during a mission?
"Did seeing Cimbar laid low give you pause? It should.
If someone as highly trained as him can be caught and killed, what's that say about your own chances?"
Any advice for me?
"Some recruits believe joining the Dark Brotherhood imbues them with an otherworldly protection. The smarter ones remember we're all still flesh and blood.
Be the latter, Initiate."

Questions of FaithEdit

When you have helped Kor and Hildegard, Elam will share his thoughts on the matter:

What do you think of this business with the Silver Dawn?
"You did well to rescue Hildegard. Our numbers are thinning quickly enough as it is.
But if you're finished traipsing through the woods, there's work to be done. You still need to earn your keep."
I wasn't traipsing.
"No, I imagine not. You seem more like a frolicker."

A Special RequestEdit

When you have carried out the respective contracts, you can tell Elam about it to hear his thoughts,

Did you hear about the Governor?
"Fortunata? Yes, quite a notch in your belt. I suppose I'll have to concede that you've come into your own. I'll have to muster a bit of respect when I speak to you from now on.
Or at least a trifle."
Thank you, Elam.
"Don't let it go to your head. My esteem is a narrow and treacherous ledge from which you may plummet at any time.
It widens with bribery."

Dark RevelationsEdit

After the dramatic conclusion of Dark Revelations, you have the option to speak to Elam Drals about Mirabelle:

We lost Mirabelle to the Black Dragon.
"I'm aware ….
I don't play favorites, Assassin. Except for Mirabelle. Now she's gone and I feel like I'm the worse for it."
Were you close?
"We had similar outlooks, that's all.
She wouldn't approve of us sitting here moping. If you need me, I'll be drinking to her and sharpening my knives."

A Ghost from the PastEdit

When you have helped Green-Venom-Tongue investigate his old sanctuary in Blackwood Borderlands, you can briefly converse about the events with Elam Drals:

We finished our investigation at Blackwood.
"Our new recruits seem obsessed with the notion that the Black Dragon is one of us. Initiates will believe anything, but Astara said you were looking into it.
So, is there truth to it?"
It's true. She was once a part of the Dark Brotherhood.
"To turn your back to us is to invite the knife, so she struck first. The fool. It only delays the inevitable.
When the Wrath of Sithis catches up to her, all this will be a thousandfold."

The Wrath of SithisEdit

After dealing with the Black Dragon, Elam will have a few comments about this,

I killed the Black Dragon.
"You probably expect some pithy remark, but all I can come up with is, "you have my thanks." Such are the times we live in.
I hope she suffers for what she did."
I sent her to Sithis, her fate is in the Dread Father's hands now.
"I'd like to think he'll permit our fallen Brothers and Sisters to enact some vengeance of their own, or at least bear witness to whatever fate she suffers.
Bah, listen to me. I'm starting to sound like a true believer."

Filling the VoidEdit

The Dark Brotherhood members, among them Elam Drals, will assist you in getting through the tunnels under the Chapel of Akatosh. After defeating Captain Furia, he'll join you and Grazda:

Elam Drals: "I see I missed all the fun. Grazda, secure this chamber. Assassin, the Cathedral should be just up ahead."
Elam Drals: "When you reach Artorius, I'll be right behind you."

Speak to him and he will say:

"I come to investigate the sounds of battle and what do I find? You, standing over the bodies of our fallen foes.
Good work, Assassin."
I thought you were running around with Astara?
"This place reminds me of the Baron's Maze back in Cloudrest. Confusing network of passages. But there was a terrific meat pie stall near the entrance.
Anyway, Astara and I split up to cover more ground. We'll be there when you reach Artorius."

You'll encounter Elam and Astara together in the catacombs when they drop down from a hole in the ceiling and approach a gate:

Elam: "Astara! Assassin! This way."
Astara: "Is it locked like the last one? I should've brought a prybar."
Elam, sighing: "It's sealed up tight. Can't get through this way."
Astara: "Artorius really doesn't want any company, does he?"

On the other side of the locked gate, a sentry will approach.

Astara: "Wait. Someone's coming. We'll find you again, Assassin."

Astara and Elam will use smoke bombs to quickly sneak out of the area. Look away from the gate; there's another passage, leading downstairs, that you can use.

After completing the quest and having granted the rank of Silencer, Elam will congratulate you, saying,

"Silencer, is it? I suppose that's fitting. After all, your name is on four of my top contracts now.
That's just a Dark Brotherhood joke, my friend. I see your sense of humor is still in a distressing state of disrepair."

Dark Brotherhood ContractsEdit

For Elam's dialogue for the contract quests, vist the quest page.


A Deadly SecretEdit

During this quest, you will have been trying to find and warn various former Elder Council members in Blackwood about a threat to their lives. In the cases that you fail to reach them, mysterious notes bearing the mark of the Black Hand can be found near their bodies. When you track down Councilor Vandacia in Gideon, you will learn his guard managed to subdue an assassin before they could attack. However, the assassin escapes prison and you will need to follow him through the city and into the Twyllbek Ruins. Within a hidden room, you will find a Letter from Astara', once the letter is read the assassin will decide to chat with you from behind the locked gate:

Elam Drals: "You're persistent, I'll give you that. All right, let's chat."

Speak with Elam Drals to hear what he has to say, his dialogue will depend on whether you are a fellow member of the Dark Brotherhood:

Not a Dark Brotherhood Member:
Dark Brotherhood Member (Female):
Dark Brotherhood Member (Male):
"Do you make it a habit to read other people's mail? That letter is personal and private, full of sensitive information."
The letter talks about opening a Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Bloodrun Cave.
"Well, aren't you a fast reader.
If you chased after me because of something Councilor Vandacia told you, well, he lied. If the Dark Brotherhood sets out to kill you, you're dead. We don't make mistakes. We don't fail. Not ever."
We found evidence beside numerous murder victims. Members of the Elder Council that you killed.
"I haven't killed anyone. Not recently, anyway. And if you're talking about our calling card, anyone can dip their palm in black ink and slap it on a sheet of parchment.
Look, we received no contracts. I'm here on different business entirely.
Who would want to blame the Dark Brotherhood for these murders?
"Good question. If you figure it out, let me know. I certainly owe someone for the bruises the councilor's guards gave me.
Now, as much fun as this has been, I really do need to get back to my daring escape. Best of luck with your mystery!"
If you really are innocent, come back to the courthouse with me.
"Well met, sister! If I had realized you were in the area, I would have suggested we meet for a meal at the Egg and Hammer. The chef makes a superb mud-hopper stew.
I suppose you're chasing me because of the incident at the courthouse, hmm?"
The letter talks about opening a Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Bloodrun Cave.
"Well, aren't you a fast reader.
Look, if you're here about Councilor Vandacia's accusations, you have to know they aren't true. From your time with the Brotherhood, you must remember that if we set out to kill someone, they wind up dead."
We found evidence beside numerous murder victims. Members of the Elder Council that were killed.
"Evidence? I told the Speaker those calling cards would get us into trouble. It's not like we sign them or anything. Anyone can dip their palm in black ink and make a hand print.
Look, there have been no contracts. I'm here on different business."
Who would want to blame the Dark Brotherhood for these murders?
"Good question. As soon as you figure it out, let me know. I definitely want to have a chat with them myself.
Now, it's been lovely seeing you again, but I really do need to get back to my daring escape. If you learn anything, I'll be in touch."
All right, I'll try to determine who made these murders look like the work of the Dark Brotherhood.
"Well met, brother! If I had realized you were in the area, I would have suggested we meet for a meal at the Egg and Hammer. The chef makes a superb fungus omelet.
I suppose you're chasing me because of the incident at the courthouse, hmm?"
(The rest of the dialogue is identical to the second column)
After talking with him, Elam will decide make his escape:
Not a Dark Brotherhood Member:
Dark Brotherhood Member:
Elam Drals: "Tempting, but no. I detest so-called places of justice."
Elam Drals: "If you come to any conclusions, do let me know. Ta-ta!"

An Unexpected AdversaryEdit

While waiting for a scribe to arrive and begin decoding the collected documents, Councilor Lovidicus will ask you and Eveli Sharp-Arrow to investigate Bloodrun Cave to find evidence for or against the Dark Brotherhood's involvement in the previous murders. You can fight your way through the undead in the cave and make your way to the entrance of the Sanctuary. After you speak the pass-phrase for the Black Door, you and Eveli can enter.

When you enter the Sanctuary, Elam Drals will be looking down at you from the second floor, flanked by Faurirwen, Borud, Zugoth, and Ashwina. Eveli will walk further in to demand answers:

Elam Drals: "Still looking for your murderer? Well, you've come to the wrong place, my friends."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We found the black hands beside every body!"
Elam Drals: "Must I say it again? You've been duped! And the Dark Brotherhood has been set up to take the blame."

You can then speak with Elam, who is feeling frustrated because he explained this all to you before:

Not a Dark Brotherhood Member:
Dark Brotherhood Member:
"Haven't we had this conversation already? The Dark Brotherhood didn't murder those councilors. I have no quarrel with you, and you none with me.
Now turn around and leave before you force me to do something you'll definitely regret."
If you didn't kill the councilors, Leyawiin demands to know what you're doing in Blackwood.
"Leyawiin demands, does it? Very well.
This sanctuary belongs to the Dark Brotherhood. It has for a very long time. I've been given the joyous task of reopening it. I assure you, we're a business. We have no designs on Leyawiin or the councilors."
If not the Dark Brotherhood, then who's been murdering the councilors?
"Obviously, some enemy of the councilors who wants to confuse you. Throw suspicion on the Dark Brotherhood. Keep you chasing after shadows while they accomplish whatever it is they hope to do.
Perhaps we can work together to—What?"
Look out!
"Haven't we already had this conversation, [brother/sister]? Tell your little Wood Elf friend that we are not her enemy and go find the real killers.
You know that the Dark Brotherhood doesn't play coy. If this was our doing, we would proudly admit it."
We need answers, Elam.
"I'd like some, too. I'm curious to find out who has the gall to frame the Dark Brotherhood. And rather successfully, I might add. That's no small feat.
Whoever it is, they managed to trick the lot of us. Crafty indeed."
Do you have any leads?
"Nothing substantial. You're the closest link we have to whoever this unknown enemy happens to be.
Now that you're here, maybe you can—what?"
Look out!

While he was talking, a portal opened up behind him and Waking Flame cultists jump out:

Elam Drals: "Now what?"
<Elam kills the cultist.>
Elam Drals: "Cultists, portaling in! Quickly, secure the sanctuary!"
<The three assassins will exit.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That's the Order of the Waking Flame! What are they doing here? Come on, we need to figure out what's going on."

While you search the sanctuary's storage halls, you will find several hostile cultists. Eventually you will find some cultists maintaining a portal:

Waking Flame Battlemage: "Fall back! Close the portals! Warn the high priest!"
<Elam Drals appears behind him and slits his throat.>
Elam Drals: "Oh, I think not."
<He then turns to you.>
Elam Drals: "All right, what were we discussing before they so rudely interrupted us?"

Speak with Elam, who now has a bone to pick with Waking Flame:

"I assume this will satisfy your masters in Leyawiin? The Dark Brotherhood is not your enemy.
The Order of the Waking Flame invaded our sanctuary and killed my brothers and sisters. I can't let them get away with that."
Why would cultists attack the sanctuary?
"Seems to me the cultists didn't want you talking to me. Didn't want you hearing me tell you for the hundredth time that the Dark Brotherhood didn't kill those councilors.
If you ask me, those are your murderers. The Order of the Waking Flame."
The cultists do seem to be after the same thing Eveli and I are looking for.
"Opportunity and motive. Look, I don't know what that may be and I don't want to know. But I do want to step through this portal and stick my dagger in their high priest's throat.
Care to come along?"
I'll go with you into the portal.
"Good. Now you'll see how a Dark Brotherhood assassin deals with unsanctioned targets. And please notice that I won't be dropping any notes or leaflets along the way.
Come on. Let's go before the portal closes."

Eveli will head back to Leywiin to warn Councilor Lovidicus, while you work with Elam. If you talk to him before entering the portal:

"After you. But do hurry. I'd rather find out where those cultists were fleeing to before the portal closes."

Enter the portal, and you will end up in the underground ruins of Welke:

Elam Drals: "An Ayleid ruin? Not the worst place for a Daedric cult to hide out. Let's look around."

Elam hopes you find the High Priest down here:

"This definitely has a sense of Daedric cultist about it.
Let's look around and see if we can find their high priest. I really do want to loosen his tongue … before I slice it off."

When you emerge from the portal room into a large hall, Elam will notice something on one of the benches:

Elam Drals: "Looks like I'm not the only one who leaves important papers lying about. Give that a read, why don't you."

You can read the High Priest's Orders, it confirms that the Dark Brotherhood was used a scapegoat and that Eveli has become a problem for them. The cultists were ordered to follow you to the Bloodrun Cave and kill everyone, while claiming the book Eveli carries.

After reading it, you can speak to Elam will exclaim:

Elam Drals: "Their high priest actually ordered them to kill us!"

You can then search the area for more clues, Elam will comment on them as you find them:

The Order of the Waking Flame Amulet, which drops from a cultist:

Elam Drals: "That amulet looks important. Better hang onto that."

A stack of Mysterious Notes can be found, Elam points out the obvious:

Elam Drals: "A close approximation of our calling card, but that entire pile is obviously a forgery."

After finding these clues, Elam wants to know what in Oblivion is going on:

"So the Order of the Waking Flame killed your councilors and placed the blame on the Dark Brotherhood. Then their high priest sent his followers to kill us.
Care to enlighten me as to what this is actually all about now?"
We think the murders have something to do with a secret of the Longhouse Emperors.
"All this fuss and bother over an old Imperial secret? Let's review what we learned.
The high priest of the Order of the Waking Flame sent cultists to the sanctuary to eliminate both my Dark Brotherhood assassins and you and the Wood Elf."
And that pile of black hand prints is evidence that they were trying to blame you for the murders.
"Obviously, the cult has someone watching you. They knew exactly when to attack, certain we'd all be in the sanctuary. Plus, they were after some cache hidden there.
So, who are these cultists and how well do you trust your masters in Leyawiin?"
Are you suggesting the Mehrunes Dagon cult has spies in Leyawiin Castle?
"I'm not suggesting anything. Just following the clues. If the cultists are Dagonists, then their high priest is probably a true fanatic. This secret must be pretty important. And most likely pertains to death and destruction.
Let's keep searching."
Good idea.

You can continue to ask him questions:

"Let's see if something deeper inside this ruin points us to the identity of the cult's high priest. Figure out who they are and you may learn more about this secret than you ever imagined.
Oh, and you still have that amulet? It might come in handy."
Why are you so interested in figuring out who their high priest is?
"Because I owe them for besmirching the good reputation of the Dark Brotherhood and for ordering the deaths of my brothers and sisters. And because now I'm curious. It's like an itch that needs to be scratched."
Do you know anything about the cache mentioned in the high priest's orders?
"No. The orders suggested it was placed in the sanctuary after we abandoned it the first time. We hadn't finished reopening the place and I hadn't run across any hidden caches. Another mystery, I suppose.
Let's keep looking."

Down the stairs, you will find a large door leading to the lower level:

Elam Drals: "This door looks impressive. Let's see what's on the other side."

Once on the lower level, you can move on through until Elam hears something:

Elam Drals: "Over here. Voices."

If you try and talk to him, he'll reprimand you:

"Get down and listen! This could be important!"

Over near the grated windows, Disastrix Zansora and Acolyte Sondas will be in conversation:

Acolyte Sondas: "We failed to kill all the assassins. And the Wood Elf and the mercenary are still alive."
Disastrix Zansora: "Yes, the high priest isn't going to be happy about that, but we retrieved the cache hidden in the old sanctuary."
Acolyte Sondas: "With the contents of the cache, the high priest should be able to determine where to find the first Ambition."
Disastrix Zansora: "Agreed. And we will soon have the location of another one of the Ambitions. As just another Imperial councilor, the high priest has them all fooled!"
<They both use their amulets on the pedestal and disappear>
Elam Drals: "Now that's something new. What do you think?"

You can then talk to Elam about what you heard:

"Sometimes listening provides the answers we seek. It seems their high priest is actually one of your councilors. That explains how they knew your movements. And they found whatever they were looking for in the sanctuary."
Right. Sounds like they know where to find one of the Ambitions, too. From Leovic's secret.
"I'd rather not know any more about this damn secret. It's cursed!
But did you see how they opened that portal? They used their amulet on the pedestal. You still have the one we found? Let's find another pedestal and see if we can follow them."

Now you must look for a pedastal somewhere in the ruins. Elam will point out you can't use the one you saw:

"We can't get to the pedestal where we saw the cultists open the portal, but there must be another one of them somewhere within these ruins. Let's try to find one."

When you reach the quest area.

Elam Drals: "Keep looking. We need to find a pedestal like the one those cultists used."

Eventually you will find an intact pedastal, but Elam would like to talk to you first:

Elam Drals: "That pedestal looks promising. Let's talk before you try to open a portal."
"This may work. It may not. We may open a portal that takes us to the cultists. Or we may open one to some dark and deadly corner of Oblivion. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
So, ready to try something daring?"
I'm ready. What would you suggest?
"It looked to me like the cultist used their amulet on the pedestal and opened a portal. Examine the pedestal and see if there's a place to fit the amulet.
These Dagonist fools think they've gotten the better of us. Let's prove them wrong."

Time to see what happens:

Elam Drals: "See if you can use that rather ostentatious amulet on the pedestal to open a portal."

If you talk to him, he will admit this plan has problems:

"Try using the amulet on the pedestal. Just be prepared for whatever happens. This is a terrible plan, but it's the best we've got.
Go on, give it a try."

When you press the amulet onto the pedastal, there is a flash of blue-white light and a portal opened spawned:

Elam Drals: "Well, we have a portal. Now to find out if leaping into it turns out to be a good or bad idea."

If you talk to him before using the portal:

"Well? We won't get any closer to answers standing here. Let's see where that portal leads."

Through the portal, you will emerge in another part of the ruin:

"Looks like the portal sent us to another part of the Ayleid ruins. Let's see what's in this section."

As you explore, you will be stopped by Disastrix Zansora and Acolyte Sondas who are waiting for you. Defeat them and continue to the final room which is a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon. Elam will suggest you investigate:

"This looks interesting. Plus, in my experience, any room you make it this difficult to get to has to contain something important.
I suggest you look around."

Reading Preserve the Secret, you learn the indentity of the High Priest:

Elam Drals: "Vandacia is the order's high priest? I knew I disliked the man the moment he had me beaten!"

Reading Disastrix Zansora's Journal, you learn an attack is planned on Leyawiin Castle:

Elam Drals: "We're too late. The location of the Ambition was sent to the high priest. But what was that about an attack on Leyawiin Castle?"

After reading both documents, talk to Elam:

"So now I know who needs to die for this grave insult to the Dark Brotherhood. Councilor Vandacia—the high priest of the Waking Flame!
But what do you make of that journal entry? About the first Ambition and an attack on Leyawiin Castle?"
They sent whatever they found to Vandacia and apparently ordered the cultists to attack Leyawiin.
"They got what they were after, and now they're sending their forces to kill the rest of the councilors. With the other councilors dead, Vandacia will be the only person who knows the secret of the Longhouse Emperors."
It's more than that. Lovidicus has documents that reveal the locations of the remaining Ambitions.
"And Vandacia will do everything in his power to get his hands on those documents.
I suppose your course is clear. You need to return to Leyawiin Castle as quick as you can."
And what are you going to do?
"I'm going to stick around and deal with a few more of these Waking Flame cultists. I still have a little anger to work off after that attack on my sanctuary.
I suggest you return to Leyawiin Castle with all due haste."
You won't come with me to defend the councilors?
"I'm an assassin, not a soldier. I've done my part. Now go do yours.
When I'm finished here, if Vandacia is still alive … well, then we'll see what we shall see."

After talking to Elam, he will point out the portal in the corner:

Elam Drals: "That portal should take you back toward the exit … or to some terrible plane of Oblivion. One or the other."

The portal leads to another part of Welke near the exit, then you have to go to Leyawiin Castle.

A Mysterious EventEdit

After reading the Courier-Delivered Letter you will need to meet the anonymous individual outside the Amnis Manor in Gideon. Elam will be leaning again a wall when you arrive:

Elam Drals: "About time. I was beginning to think I'd hired the wrong courier."

See what the assassin has to say:

"So you did get my message? I was worried I had hired one of those incompetent couriers. You know, the ones who take your gold and then toss your letter into the dung heap? I've had to eliminate more than a few of those in my time."
Your letter mentioned that you had information.
"Right to business? I wanted to ask if you'd tried the swamp eel in a blackberry wine sauce at the Egg and Hammer? I hear it's the specialty [sic] of the house!
Anyway, Vandacia. I did some digging and I came up with this place. Amnis Manor."
So, what's the connection to Vandacia?
"Well, I got to thinking. A cult like the Waking Flame doesn't pay for itself. It needs wealthy donors, am I right? Of course I am!
Anyway, Matus Amnis. He's a known supporter of Vandacia. And a closet Dagonist. Generous, too, I hear."
And what am I going to find here?
"Hey, I can't do everything! Search the manor. Rumblings in the back alleys say that something big is about to happen. An event of some sort. And Vandacia's stink is all over it. Maybe something here will point you to it."

If you try talking to him afterwards, he will tell you stay away:

"Away with you. I'm trying to blend here."

When you and Eveli search the manor you will find mention of an upcoming event and that Vandacia was visiting the Salvitto Estate to the north. After you leave the building you can try talking to Elam but he has done all he is willing to do:

"I can tell by the look on your face that my tip yielded results. No, I don't want to hear the details. If I get any more involved in this without an actual contract, my matron will skin me alive.
Now go away. I'm trying to be inconspicuous."

Pyre of AmbitionEdit

After your trip to the Deadlands, you will learn from Governor Keshu that the Waking Flame forces have been gathering outside Gideon. Keshu will have a plan to move the Ambitions to the more defensible Fort Redmane, so they can both protect the Ambitions and prevent the city from being caught in the battle. Once you have gathered your allies, you can head to the camp outside the fort. Elam can be found near the main gate and you can talk to him:

"Soldiers standing in a line, like roast guar legs all in a row? Not my kind of fight.
But I'm ready to make myself useful. The Dark Brotherhood owes Vandacia for the insults he wrought upon us. I plan to pay him back with interest."

After the plan is put in motion and Waking Flame forces begin their attack, you will need to reach the Ambitions who went ahead of you and help defend them. Things will go well until you encounter Vandacia who baits Destron and then kills him. Vandacia then uses the energy to summon Mehrunes Dagon to Nirn and Fort Redmane begins to be drawn towards Oblivion. In the aftermath you can follow Sombren and Calia into the keep where you can listen to Sombren's plan to weaken Vandacia by using the book Eveli has been carrying. Elam will have followed you in unnoticed and can be spoken to:

"They're holding their own for the moment, but your army's taking a pounding. They were definitely not prepared to deal with a Daedric Prince the size of a tower.
Whatever you're going to do, do it fast."
[verification needed — during playthrough elam was bugged and could not be spoken to despite the option being available]
is there any more dialogue

Running through the keep to the courtyard, the place will be crumbling apart as Mehrunes Dagon takes a stroll, all the while taunting the defenders. During this, Elam can be seen fighting and will urge you to keep moving:

Elam Drals: "The Brotherhood sends its regards."
Elam Drals: "Keep going! There's still cultist blood to spill here."

Once you reach the courtyard, you will keep Vandacia busy as Sombren and Calia weaken him; while also dealing with the forces coming through portals. When Vandacia is killed, Mehrunes Dagon will address you before being dragged back to Oblivion. At this At this Eveli will jump down into the courtyard and Elam will come out of the shadows:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right! Without Vandacia or his master, the cult doesn't stand a chance!"
Elam Drals: "At least the sky looks normal again."
<Sombren and Calia stand up and begin to leave the fort.>
Calia: "I … I need to get out of this place."
Sombren: "This way, Calia. Come with me."

Before you leave the keep, you have the option of speaking with Elam and Eveli:

"Now I can add facing down a Daedric Prince to my already impressive list of accomplishments. Food connoisseur, master assassin, consummate vossa-satl player, and now this.
I suppose I should thank you for getting me mixed up in this."
Mehrunes Dagon won't stop trying to capture the Ambitions. Will you continue to help us?
"Nope. Vandacia made this personal, but I try to not make a habit of killing people for free. It's bad for business.
You do what you have to. Me, I'm going to find a nice mammoth steak with a side of vegetables smothered in scuttle cheese sauce."
Food is more important to you than the threat of Mehrunes Dagon?
"Hey, I never claimed to be a hero. And despite our success today, I don't want to face Daedric threats on a regular basis.
Then again, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Seeing you in action, I'm sure you'll turn up on a contract eventually."
If you say so.

Spoken to again afterwards:

"Don't mind me. I'm just going to slip away when no one's looking."

When you leave the keep, you can find Elam back at the camp, where he is thinking about important things:

"Given what they faced, Blackwood's defenders did a remarkable job of not getting stomped into paste. Good on them.
Now, I need to think about dinner. I'm famished!"
"Thank you for a charming time, but this is no place for any self-respecting member of the Dark Brotherhood. Grand battles in broad daylight are hardly the sort of thing assassins should be involved in.
I think I hear the shadows calling. Bye."
[verification needed — unsure where this line comes in, could be for non-brotherhood characters]

Heroes of BlackwoodEdit

After the defeat of Vandacia and Mehrunes Dagon at Fort Redmane, Elam can be found at the celebrations in Gideon. Speaking to him before greeting Keshu the Black Fin:

Dark Brotherhood Member:
Not a Dark Brotherhood Member:
"I suppose things worked out in the end, but let me offer a word of caution. Dragging the Brotherhood into this was risky. What you do in your spare time is your business, but assassins don't like the spotlight.
We prefer lurking in the shadows."
What's next for a master assassin?
"You mean after helping you clean up this massive debacle? Oh, the usual, I guess. Try some more of the local cuisine. Collect my next contract. Complete my next contract.
What can I say? I'm a creature of habit."
"I decided to stop by for the celebration. Try a bit of the local fare before slipping back into the shadows.
I know you're going to miss me, but I have a feeling we'll meet again. People like you usually wind up on a contract eventually."


Ambition's EndEdit

As you near the final confrontation with Mehrunes Dagon, Lyranth will gather a number of your allies you encountered in Blackwood. If you helped Elam Drals previously, he'll be among the troops:

"I understand that Mehrunes Dagon failed to learn his lesson the first time. So be it. I am nothing if not a patient teacher."
What have you been up to?
"Rian and Keshu dealt with the Waking Flame adherents who revealed themselves in Blackwood. So I devoted myself to those who hoped to remain in the shadows.
I must look after the Dark Brotherhood's good name, after all."

He will be one of your comrades to go inside the city with you, but will get separated.

Later at Destruction's Solace, Elam Drals will be there to fight by your side:

"I'm beginning to feel that perhaps you lack confidence in my work. Go on. We can deal with this little imbroglio. You're needed elsewhere."

Sombren's portal takes you to Sundercliff where he plans on giving his powers to Dagon. You and your friends have to stop him. Though it's hard to tell if Elam's heart is in it:

If you met him before:

Elam Drals: "Is this the best Dagon can throw at us?


Elam Drals: "I hate working for free."

Leave the field of battle and return to Wretched Spire:

"There you are! I frankly did not expect to meet you again in this life. There were some bad moments when I found myself wondering how I would extricate myself when everyone else was dead."

Hope Springs EternalEdit

"Once again, I believe my work here is done. But if it turns out that Mehrunes Dagon needs yet another sharp lesson, I hope you'll think of me."

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

"Once again, I believe my work here is done. But if it turns out that Mehrunes Dagon needs yet another sharp lesson, I hope you'll think of me."
Thank you, Elam.
"On the contrary, thank you. The destruction of Tamriel would have been bad for business. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have helped you avert that disaster.
Just wish I had had a proper contract to go along with it."


Although it can rarely be heard, Elam Drals has some more general dialogue that can be heard at times, such as when coming back to the sanctuary after defeating Primate Artorius but before talking with Speaker Terenus:

"What can I do for you, Assassin?"
"Another notch on your belt, Assassin?"
"You've got a little blood, right about ... there. I trust it's not yours."

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

When he accompanies you in Welke during An Unexpected Adversary, he will wield a staff:

Dark Release
Occasionally Elam Drals holds his staff skyward and projects a red and black ring of magic in a large area around him. While within the circle, you can use the Dark Release synergy to send a storm of red energy whirling in a straight line in front of you.