Lore: Holidays

Saturalia is a Breton celebration that heralds the New Life Festival, and is held on the 25th of Evening Star.[1] Originally a holiday for the god of debauchery, it has become a time of gift giving, parties, and parading. Visitors are encouraged to participate.[2]

Among the Khajiit the Saturalia celebration and sharing of gifts is known as Saturalia Baan Dar gift swap.[3]

Saturalia shares many similarities to the New Life Festival. A shared tradition involves decorating evergreen trees with elaborate decorations, and are topped with a shining light ornament on its peak.[1] Evergreen trees are chosen because they are associated with resilience and rebirth.[4] Gift giving is another thing shared,[5] and "giving gifts" are placed under these festive trees.[6] Saturalia trees are used in both Saturalia and the New Life Festival.[4] In both holidays, shades of cerulean are used as the color of clothing for these holidays.[7][8]



  • The name of the holiday is nearly identical to the ancient Roman Saturnalia, a precursor to Christmas that ran from December 17–25 on the Julian calendar and involved feasting, partying and gift-giving. There was also a loosening of certain social mores, though it fell short of outright debauchery.