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(RefID: xx002699)
Added by Knights of the Nine
Location Various points in Cyrodiil then the Priory of the Nine
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC-2 Class Knight
RefID xx002699 BaseID xx000F84
Other Information
Health 53 + (5+2.6)x(PC-3), PC=7-17
Magicka 75 + 1.5x(PC-3) (max=250)
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Essential Until he joins the Knights of the Nine
Faction(s) Sir Roderic's; The eight original knights start in this faction

Lathon is a Redguard knight added by the Knights of the Nine official download.

Before Lathon is knighted he will wear leather boots, tan linens, a forester's shirt, and either a pair of leather boots or a pair of pigskin shoes. In combat he will use a steel shortsword. At night, or when it's dark he will carry a torch to light his path. He carries four leveled restore health potions (0-4, 75% chance for each individual potion) and a moderate amount of gold.

If spoken to before joining the Knights of the Nine, he will tell you of his service to Sir Roderic, and his desire to return to Totambu and join the Knights of the Scarab.

After he joins the Knights of the Nine his armor is replaced by the standard Knights of the Nine outfit: a Knights of the Nine cuirass and shield, chainmail greaves, gauntlets, helmet and boots. He is then armed with a leveled longsword and bow with silver arrows.

He is the squire of Sir Roderic and can be found at first on the road with him completing their Pilgrimage.

After the Priory of the Nine quest is completed, he appears at the Priory of the Nine, where he reveals some plot points and gives you the Greaves of the Crusader for the quest The Faithful Squire, and requests to become a Knight of the Nine. Once he is a knight his name becomes Sir Lathon.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


He can be optionally encountered during this quest:

"I am Lathon, squire to Sir Roderic of Wayrest. We are on a holy quest for the Crusader's Relics!"
Crusader's Relics
"Surely you've heard the stories of the Quest for the Crusader's Relics? Only a true knight can find them -- or even wield them. Sir Roderic will surely succeed, if anyone can."
Sir Roderic
"Sir Roderic is a famous knight of Wayrest, in High Rock. He is too modest to tell you himself, but he was a hero of the War of Bend'r-Mahk."
Didn't Wayrest lose that war?
"Well ... yes. But Sir Roderic won many battles all the same. I'm sure if we had more knights like him we would have beaten the Nords."
I'm sure he's a mighty warrior.
"He is! I've been his squire for almost two years now. Soon I'll be ready to return to Totambu and become a Knight of the Scarab."

The Faithful SquireEdit

"Sir knight! Thank Arkay you're back. I have terrible news. Sir Roderic... I think he's dead."
Sir Roderic? Who's that?
"My master. We met you on the Pilgrim's Way. Back when I thought for sure the gods had chosen him for a holy purpose."
What happened?
"At first things were going well. He prayed at all the shrines, and received a vision. A disturbing vision. "The shade of Sir Berich spoke to me," was all he said. "We must put him to rest." We travelled back and forth across Colovia. He was always asking about an old noble family, the Vlindrels. Finally, he found what he was looking for. We went to Underpall Cave, and there... he fell."
I'm sure he died well.
"He did. I owe him my life. He faced the evil wraith of Lord Vlindrel, and told me to run. And... I did. I know I should have stayed with him. Perhaps together we could have destroyed that evil thing..."
What was Sir Roderic looking for?
"He said that Sir Berich's tomb was in Underpall Cave -- which is no cave, but some kind of buried keep. He had learned that Sir Berich had once been a questing knight, like us. He had found the Greaves and Sword of the Crusader, but then turned to evil. Sir Roderic hoped to find the Relics within Sir Berich's tomb. And he did. But we also found a terrible guardian -- the wraith of Lord Vlindrel -- Sir Berich."
You know where the Relics are?
"Yes, my lord. And I brought you... Sir Roderic shouted for me to take them... the Greaves. The holy Relic. They're yours."
And the Sword? What happened to it?
"The wraith. It used it against Sir Roderic. I don't know how that evil thing could use the holy weapon, but it did. It screamed as it struck..."
Take it easy. You're safe now.
"I'm sorry. I remember Sir Roderic saying something about the Sword, before we went to Underpall... it may be important."
You were telling me about the Sword?
"I'm sorry. I've already failed Sir Roderic once. I don't want to fail him again. I remember he said something about the Sword, before we..."

Either leads to:

"He was worried that the Sword may have been turned to evil. That it may have to be reconsecrated on the altar of its creator, the divine Arkay. That's all I remember. I hope it may help you."
You did well, Lathon.
"Thank you, sir knight. I would ask a boon, if I could, although I know I do not deserve it. Would you make me a Knight of the Nine? I want to dedicate myself to ridding the world of evil. I owe it to Sir Roderic."
I will avenge Sir Roderic.
"Sir, might I ask a boon? Let me come with you. I would become a Knight of the Nine, and dedicate my life to the service of the gods."

Either leads to another set of options:

Rise, Sir Lathon.
"Thank you! I mean, thank you, Sir Knight. I will not fail you. Give me a moment to arm myself and I will accompany you to Underpall Cave to destroy the foul wraith."
Not yet. You're not ready.
"I... I understand. I'll be patient. I'll stay here and train every day until you decide I'm ready. I won't give up, I swear it."

If approached again before he has armed himself:

"Let me arm myself, and I'll follow you to Underpall Cave to avenge Sir Roderic."

If approached again if you refused to let him join:

"As I said, I'll work as long as it takes to be worthy to join the Order. Am I ready to become a Knight of the Nine?"
I accept. Welcome to the Order.
"Thank you, Sir Knight! I will do my best to vindicate your faith in me. I must gather the equipment I need. I'll return shortly."
You are not yet worthy.
"I understand. I'm not ready yet. But I won't give up."

If asked to follow:

"Of course."
"Let's keep going to Underpall Cave."
"As you command. Although I don't think this is the way Sir Roderic and I came."
"Don't worry. I'll stick close."

If told to wait as a follower:

"As you command. But you won't go into Underpall Cave without me, will you?"
"I'll stay on guard until you return."
"Don't be long. I'd rather we stick together."

Once the sword is picked up:

"Sir Roderic is avenged! And you have recovered the Sword of the Crusader! I'll return to the Priory and give my fellow knights the good news. Farewell!"


  • Lathon rides a Paint Horse that can be found in the Priory's stables after Lathon has arrived. Unlike the other two horses in the Priory's stables, riding Lathon's horse is considered to be stealing, since the horse is owned by Lathon.
  • Lathon joins the Knights of the Nine faction after arriving at the Priory.


  • When asked about "Knights of the Nine" after Umaril is destroyed, Lathon will reply with the standard "The Knights of the Nine have prevailed over Umaril. Truly, the gods have shown us favor." but only after a slight delay. Additionally, after the line is complete there is a further pause then he will say "Pelinal" followed by somebody else quietly saying "Okay" in the background. (Listen)