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The Lion Guard was a Breton knightly order that served as the elite and personal guardians of the Daggerfall Covenant's rulers. The order's tenets, simple and unwavering, were to fight for the good of all High Rock and every Breton.[1]

Members of the Lion Guard could only rise through the ranks by proving their bravery and loyalty. Valor in battle, loyalty to High Rock, and courage and strength of character in the face of adversity were to be shown by aspiring recruits. Nobility and wealth were not qualifiers for promotion. These standards were in place to preserve the order's reputation as steadfast protectors of the highest martial skill. Their standards were strict, and knights who violated these standards were promptly removed from the order's ranks.[2]


Before the founding of the Daggerfall Covenant the Lion Guard was an autonomous order that pledged loyalty to all Bretons, but were governed by no ruler. Initially, they sought to administer justice and impose peace, but they adjusted their role to serve as at-need guardians. The Lion Guard was available for any of High Rock's kings to call upon when their military needed extra skilled fighters. The Lion Guard was extremely popular during the Daggerfall Covenant's lifespan. Though some lords resented their lack of control over the order, they called upon the Lion Guard consistently when they were in need. Most of the Lion Guard approved when the Daggerfall Covenant brought the regions of High Rock into an alliance together, feeling it succeeded in the knights' original mission to reunify the Breton people. The Lord General of the Lion Guard subsequently pledged fealty to the Daggerfall Covenant.[1]

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