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Note that Castle Wayrest, although constructed as a dungeon of the "Human Stronghold" type, is not included in the below table, as it is located within the city of Wayrest and does not have a distinct map marker.

Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Moorham Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Copperfield Vaults Cemetery 5
Ruins of Kinghart Manor Mine 11
Woodwing's Hold Ruined Castle 14
The Prison of Dunistyr Prison 13
The Roost of Skulrathrac Harpy Nest 10
The Elyrrya Coven Coven 8
The Fortress of Wickford Natural Cave 10
The Yeomton Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Gaersmith Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hearthsmith's Hold Prison 13
Tricerbith Orc Stronghold 14
Gaerwing's Guard Ruined Castle 11
The Dunore Excavation Mine 10
The Lysausa Coven Coven 10
Masterwing Tower Volcanic Caves 11
The Buckingcroft Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Necromeham Vampire Haunt 13
Woodborne Hall Human Stronghold 11
The Wickhart Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Ashsly Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hold of Woodford Orc Stronghold 12
Dunyval's Guard Human Stronghold 12
The Gaerfield Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Old Evelona's Place Crypt 10
Ruins of Hawksmith Orchard Coven 11
The Stronghold of Kinging Vampire Haunt 12
The Copperston Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tower of Greenton Orc Stronghold 11
The Tower of Uthyrick Human Stronghold 12
The Coven of Elyrrya Coven 12
The Tomb of Darkulyth Crypt 13
The Haunt of Morobezzar Vampire Haunt 10
Ruins of The Old Wicking Hovel Laboratory 11
The Tombs of Masterhart Cemetery 5
THe Crypts of Moorton Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Stronghold of Buckington Desecrated Temple 12
Masterham's Guard Ruined Castle 14
The Cabal of Evelyna Coven 13
Ruins of The Old Kingford Hovel Coven 13
The Pit of Asmerah Natural Cave 8
The Masterton Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Gaering Cemetery Cemetery 5
Yeihoth Giant Stronghold 8
Bedastyr's Gaol Prison 10
The Fortress of Hearthsmith Vampire Haunt 12
The Fortress of Hearthcroft Vampire Haunt 10
Trogker Orc Stronghold 10
The Nest of Dagubith Harpy Nest 12
The Dunard Excavation Mine 12
Ruins of The Old Hawkford Hovel Desecrated Temple 14
The Cathedral of Gerulasulla Desecrated Temple 13
The Stronghold of Greencroft Vampire Haunt 8
Tricerrath Orc Stronghold 13
The Fortress of Woodsley Laboratory 13
The Greenham Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Moorston Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Citadel of Hearthhart Crypt 14
The Tombs of Hearthing Cemetery 5
The Hold of Ashford Giant Stronghold 8
Ruins of Moorton Manor Natural Cave 8
The Hold of Hawkhouse Mine 8
Castle Lithovion Vampire Haunt 8
The Lysabyth Tradition Coven 10
Anivor Orc Stronghold 10
The Wicksly Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tombs of Yeomton Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Tower Hawkston Mine 8
The Haunt of Darkovus Vampire Haunt 12
The Hold of Wickham Human Stronghold 11
The Roost of Grumerus Harpy Nest 8
Vermdred Giant Stronghold 10
The Cabal of Chrystara Coven 12
The Cabal of Morgyn Coven 12
The Baaliblanxiah Manse Desecrated Temple 11
Ashing's Hold Ruined Castle 8
The Mines of Mordard Mine 12
The Mordynak Tunnel Mine 13
The Citadel of Kingston Laboratory 10
The Haunt of Nebuchivor Vampire Haunt 8
The Moorsmith Tombs Cemetery 5
The Cult of Lysyn Coven 11
Tower Copperwing Crypt 11
The Greenfield Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Gaerston Hall Ruined Castle 12
The Dunastyr Mines Mine 13
The Graves of Yeomsley Cemetery 5
Magnovaus Hall Vampire Haunt 10
Castle Bedane Human Stronghold 12
Castle Yeomsly Crypt 13
The Mastering Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tower of Woodsmith Barbarian Stronghold 12
Morirugoth Orc Stronghold 10
The Mooring Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Moorhouse Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The House of Copperhart Ruined Castle 14
The Mastersmith Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The House of Correhius Vampire Haunt 12
The Woodhart Vaults Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hezirker Orc Stronghold 14
The Tower of Mastering Laboratory 8
Ruins of Hearthhouse Manor Prison 8
The Stronghold of Woodfield Coven 8
The Cabal of Elabyth Coven 13
Ruins of Wickford Court Spider Nest 10
Ruins of Greensly Tower Ruined Castle 12
The Hearthham Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Masterford Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Uthyctor Pit Mine 8
Ruins of The Ashsly Farmstead Desecrated Temple 8
The Citadel of Masterford Ruined Castle 10
The Balith Cloister Desecrated Temple 8
The Stronghold of Greenton Prison 12
Castle Ashham Orc Stronghold 12
Perastyr Laboratory Laboratory 10
The Yeomsmith Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Elyrrya Tradition Coven 8
The Moorston Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Tower Woodcroft Ruined Castle 12
The Copperford Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Temple of Maelon Desecrated Temple 10
Trististair Laboratory Laboratory 8
The Hold of Mastercroft Desecrated Temple 10
Bedyrick Laboratory Laboratory 13
Perywyr Laboratory Laboratory 13
The Yagrator Aviary Harpy Nest 8
Sashnorog Orc Stronghold 12
The Fortress of Uthard Human Stronghold 12
Castle Coppersley Orc Stronghold 10
The Mastersly Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Morgona Cabal Coven 10
Yeoming Tower Coven 12
Ruins of Woodhouse Manor Mine 13
The Kinghouse Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Hearthton Prison 8
The Temple of Dispebeus Desecrated Temple 10
The Penitentiary of Alabywyr Prison 13
Ruins of Old Barbyna's Shack Harpy Nest 13
The Kinging Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Baalebrululla Shrine Desecrated Temple 8
The Haunt of Magnuloth Vampire Haunt 12
The Penitentiary of Theodyval Prison 8
The Coven of Ysara Coven 8
Ruins of Coppersley Manor Barbarian Stronghold 8
Azirthrac's Nest Spider Nest 11
The Gaersly Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Fortress of Masterston Ruined Castle 12
The Moorcroft Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Shrine of Marebranxa Desecrated Temple 12
The Fortress of Greenhouse Ruined Castle 13
The Tower of Moorton Mine 8
The Gaering Tombs Cemetery 5
The Agryrick Reformatory Prison 13
Tower Uthistyr Human Stronghold 12
Sekotrugoth Orc Stronghold 8
Castle Copperston Crypt 14
Tricerrock's Web Spider Nest 13
The Hold of Hearthhouse Coven 10
The Coven of Belladyn Coven 10
The House of Moorwing Ruined Castle 8
Tower Hawkham Giant Stronghold 13
The Hold of Wickfield Ruined Castle 13
The Dunyctor Excavation Mine 13
Ruins of The Woodham Cabin Desecrated Temple 13
Ruins of Hearthfield Orchard Desecrated Temple 8
The Quarry of Mordynak Mine 14
The Gaercroft Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Maelither Hermitage Desecrated Temple 13
The Agryctor Asylum Prison 10
The Circle of Evelolda Barbarian Stronghold 11
The Citadel of Woodham Ruined Castle 8
The Edworyan Pit Mine 8
The Hold of Hawkford Ruined Castle 13
The Tower of Buckington Ruined Castle 14
The Abbey of Demanxessa Desecrated Temple 11
Tristyrick Laboratory Laboratory 12
The Gaersly Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ashhouse Tower Harpy Nest 8
The Tower of Moorhouse Vampire Haunt 12
Ruins of The Wickwing Farmstead Vampire Haunt 13
The Stronghold of Gaercroft Giant Stronghold 10
Castle Moorham Coven 13
Hawksley's Hold Natural Cave 13
The Buckingham Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Roost of Skulthoth Harpy Nest 12
The Stronghold of Kinghouse Desecrated Temple 14