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Lore:Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel

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Imperial Battlemage Abnur Tharn

This article is about the head of the Elder Council. For Imperial Legion battlemages, see Imperial Battlemages.

The Imperial Battlemage serves as head of the Elder Council[1] sometimes stylized as the Imperial Battlemage of the Elder Council,[2] the Imperial Battlemage of the Empire,[3], the Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel, Grand Chancellor,[1] Grand Vizier,[4] or High Chancellor[5].

They act as chief advisor to the Tamrielic Emperors on varying matters (such as: politics, warfare, occult sciences, etc.)[1][6]


By the reign of Uriel Septim VII, it was customary for future Imperial Battlemages to be plucked from the Administers of Battlespire, who were themselves battlemage classmen.[7]

Several historic figures have held The Imperial Battlemage title, including: