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High Rock

The Kingdoms of High Rock initially started through villages founded in tactical locations, such as Wayrest, prospering and becoming fully fledged powers.[1] Breton kingdoms grew around the eight major cities of Daggerfall, Camlorn, Wayrest, Shornhelm, Northpoint, Evermore, Farrun and Jehanna.[2] These kingdoms gave rise to many dynastic families and houses, such as the Deleyn Dynasty, Gardner Dynasty and Spenard Dynasty. Another major kingdom predominately inhabited by Orcs that originated in the region of Wrothgar, is called Orsinium.


From 1E 1029 to the mid-late First Era, High Rock was a part of the Alessian Empire, who at the time of their admission was ruled by Empress Hestra.[3] In that timeframe, Wayrest was named a kingdom in 1E 1100 with Farangel Gardner as its first king.[1] However, throughout the years under their control, the Bretons faced discrimination for their elvish heritage, and heavy taxation and regulation from the Alessians. Combined with their inability to control the distant province, the kingdoms of High Rock left the Empire by the twenty-fourth century.[4]

The Kingdom of Camlorn was founded in 2E 301 and ever since then, its people celebrate with a great festival every year.[5]

Known KingdomsEdit



Camlorn (sometimes called Camlarn) is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, situated on the coastal highlands of Glenumbra. Camlorn and the surrounding region is a melting pot of several different Breton cultures and its people fancy themselves as more refined and metropolitan compared to their neighbors in Daggerfall. The kingdom's nobility consider themselves an aristocracy of poets and artisans. It has also greatly benefitted from trade coming from either the Eltheric Ocean or the Iliac Bay. As of 3E 432, Camlorn was one of five major kingdoms in High Rock.


The Kingdom of Daggerfall

Daggerfall is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, located in the southwest portion of the province, on the north half of the Iliac Bay. Throughout much of history, Daggerfall was one of the largest kingdoms in High Rock, from the early First Era before the rise of its rival, Wayrest and its incorporation into the Third Empire, to the turn of the Third Era, where it was one of the province's five kingdoms. It is named after its capital city, Daggerfall.



Evermore, sometimes spelled Evermor, is a city on the banks of the Bjoulsae River in eastern High Rock, located near the border with Hammerfell.

Its impressive palace was assembled from slabs of granite quarried from nearby Markarth. Local traditions include the worship of Saint Pelin, a hero of the First Era who once served as a clergyman at Bangkorai Garrison.

Historically, the Bretons of Evermore ruled over the region of Bangkorai. These lands were subject to frequent attacks from the Reachfolk of the mountains, who asserted their birthright to the city and aimed to reclaim their ancestral homeland. Southern Bangkorai included the Fallen Wastes region of Hammerfell, and Evermore's rulership of it was often contested by the Redguards of Sentinel. Evermore served as a crucial trading hub, strategically positioned to benefit from trade routes spanning the Tamriel. It linked High Rock of the Bretons, the southern and central regions of Hammerfell inhabited by the Redguards, the Orcish city of Orsinium to the north, and Skyrim through Dragonstar and Markarth, territories inhabited by the Nords and Reachfolk respectively.



Farrun (or Fharun) is a northern port city on the north shore of High Rock, and one of eight kingdoms in the province. It is known for its icy winters. The kingdom of Farrun has existed since the First Era, one notable citizen of Farrun in the First Era was Lord Storig, who commanded the vanguard of the Imperial army at the Battle of Bodrum in 1E 2920 during the Four-Score War. By the Second Era it was an Orcish stronghold by the name of Fharun, named after the Fharun Clan. The stronghold was infamous for its Breton-designed prison complex, which was notorious even among the Orcs.



Jehanna (also called Jehenna or Jelhana) is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, situated on the icy shores of the Northern Coast. Nestled in the snow-covered forests of the Western Reach, it is described as being as beautiful as its name.



Northpoint (also spelled as North Point) is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, located on the northeast point of Rivenspire. Northpoint is an important trading center along the northwest trading route on the Eltheric Ocean, as well as the seat of power for House Dorell, one of the three major houses of Rivenspire. Their power extends across northern Rivenspire, including farmland around the city and beyond the sea. As of 3E 432, Northpoint was one of five major kingdoms in High Rock.



Orsinium (which literally translates to "Orc-Town" in Aldmeris, also called the City of Orcs) is the city of the Orsimer and the provincial seat of the region of Wrothgar, which came to be known as the Orsinium Area in the late Third Era. It has been sacked and rebuilt many times over the centuries, as the Orcs are often at odds with their Breton and Redguard neighbors. Orsinium was first built in High Rock, straddling the boundary between western Wrothgar and Rivenspire. In the mid-Second Era, the city was relocated to eastern Wrothgar. In 3E 399, it was relocated again to a site between Wayrest, Menevia, and the Wrothgarian Mountains. By 4E 201, Orsinium had been moved a third time, farther south to an area between Hammerfell and Skyrim. The royal palace of the city is traditionally known as Scarp Keep.

The exact date of the first Orsinium's founding is unknown, but it is known to have grown powerful as early as the ninth century of the First Era.



Shornhelm (sometimes spelled Sharnhelm) is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, located in the center of Rivenspire. Shornhelm was once the seat of power for the Kingdom of Rivenspire, the north-central region of High Rock and it was aptly ruled by the Riven-King. If no monarch is present, then the regency council, the Council of the North takes over. It is a triumvirate of the kingdom's three major houses, Dorell, Montclair, and Tamrith. The city acquired the epithet of the "Crown City of the North" for its status.


The Kingdom of Wayrest

The Kingdom of Wayrest is located in the center of the High Rock province, at the mouth of the Bjoulsae River, named after its capital city, Wayrest.


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