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King Camaron
King Camaron of Sentinel, preparing for war
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 3E 368
Died 3E 403
Cryngaine Field
Next Ruler Akorithi
Resided in Sentinel

King Camaron (or Cameron), also known as the White Moon,[1] was a ruler of the Kingdom of Sentinel in the Third Era.[2] He was the husband of Queen Akorithi, and father of Arthago, Aubk-i, Greklith, and Lhotun.[3]

During Camaron's rule, a disagreement between Sentinel and the Kingdom of Daggerfall over the Isle of Betony sparked a war in 3E 402. He died at the Battle of Cryngaine Field the following year, killed in a duel with Daggerfall's young King Gothryd which ended the war.[4][5]


Early LifeEdit

Camaron was born in 3E 368.[3] It is not known when he ascended to the throne or married, but he and Akorithi are said to have been King and Queen of Sentinel upon the birth of their first child, Arthago, in 3E 385. It is said that the king and queen showed little affection toward the prince, embarrassed that the heir to the throne was "sickly". Princess Aubk-i, born a year later, was the clear favorite.[6] The princes Greklith and Lhotun were born in 3E 392 and 3E 393.[3] When Arthago vanished in 3E 400, it was rumored the Underking had carried him off. In truth, the king was disgusted by his son, and the royal couple paid to have him kidnapped and killed.[6]

The War of BetonyEdit

The Battle of Cryngaine Field

In 3E 402, the independent Isle of Betony agreed to vassal itself to King Lysandus of the nearby Daggerfall. This drew the ire of King Camaron, who cited a two hundred year old agreement that stated Betony was a traditional holding of Sentinel. When diplomacy failed, Camaron's warlords naturally advocated for war. However, the Oracle, the wise woman of Hammerfell, foresaw death and defeat if that were to happen, and warned against further hostilities. Camaron ignored her warnings, and declared war on Daggerfall.[4][5][7]

The war did not go well for Sentinel; the kingdom won a few skirmishes, but was defeated in the major battles. Daggerfall stood poised to win the war outright with one more victory, but Lysandus suddenly pressed for a peace treaty. The two sides met at Reich Gradkeep; Camaron made some concessions, and the kingdoms agreed to jointly rule Betony. However, Lord Vanech, the Daggerfall scribe who drew up the treaty, substituted a false, offensive document for the kings to sign. When Camaron realized the deception, he flew into a rage and Reich Gradkeep became a bloodbath. The king himself slew Lord Vanech, and the forces of Sentinel retreated to the Yeorth Burrowland to regroup, while the armies of Daggerfall pursued them as far as the Ravennian Forest. Between these sites lay the flowering meadowlands of Cryngaine Field.[4][5][7]

One week later, the armies met at the Battle of Cryngaine Field. As the battle commenced, a sudden, unnatural fog descended upon the combatants. When it lifted, King Lysandus lay dead, an arrow in his throat. Daggerfall's Prince Gothryd was quickly crowned king, and he challenged King Camaron to a duel (though some sources claim it was Lord Bridwell). The King of Sentinel was slain, ending the war in Daggerfall's favor.[4][5][7]



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