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Queen Maraya
ON-npc-Queen Maraya.jpg
Queen Maraya during the Alliance War
Race Redguard Gender Female
Resided in Wayrest
Appears in ESO

Queen Maraya, dubbed the Jewel of Satakalaam, was the eldest daughter of King Fahara'jad and Za-Rifah, and sister to Lakana and Crown Prince Azah.[1] She was wed to King Emeric to cement a trade agreement between High Rock and Hammerfell, bringing great prosperity to the two states. However, the move drew the ire of King Ranser, who felt betrayed as Emeric had planned to marry his daughter Rayelle. Maraya and Emeric's wedding took place in the spring of 2E 566, followed by Ranser's surprise attack on Wayrest that culminated in Ranser's War. He was ultimately defeated and the Greater Daggerfall Covenant formed.[2][3][4]

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