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Lore:Wrothgarian Mountains

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Wrothgarian Mountains
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Demonym(s) Wrothgarian
Appears in Daggerfall, ESO
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The Wrothgarian Mountains, also known as Wrothgar,[1] or the Wrothgar Mountains,[2] are a large region in High Rock, located at the northeast corner of the Iliac Bay. The region is inhabited mostly by Orcs, Bretons, Nords, Reachfolk, and the region was once inhabited by the Dwemer. Riekr, the ice goblins, make their home in the Wrothgar Mountains as well.[3][4][5] A portal to Maelstrom can be found within the foothills of the Wrothgarian Mountains.[6] The main vampire bloodline found here is the Lyrezi.[7]

It is bordered to the west by Phrygias, Dwynnen, Kambria, Koegria, and Alcaire. The mountains are also bordered by Menevia, Orsinium Area, Wayrest, and Gavaudon to the south. The regional seat is the Orcish Kingdom of Orsinium in the Second Era,[8][9] and in the Third Era, the Breton city of Wrothgaria became the regional seat of the Wrothgarian Mountains. After the Warp in the West, Wrothgaria became part of the kingdom of Orsinium.[10][11]


In the Dawn Era there were 13 Orc strongholds in the Wrothgarian Mountains.[12]

In the First Era the city of Farrun would be built within the Wrothgarian mountains, its ruler was Lord Storig, who commanded the vanguard of the Imperial army at the Battle of Bodrum in 1E 2920 during the Four-Score War.[13]

The Wrothgarian Mountains are best known for being home to the Orcish capital of Orsinium. It was razed by Daggerfall, Sentinel and the Order of Diagna in 1E 980, and at the time of the Akaviri Potentate, it briefly became an Imperial territory.[14][15] At some point, Wrothgar came under the control of the first Daggerfall Covenant. When King Ranser of Shornhelm attacked Wayrest in 2E 566, King Emeric of Wayrest sent emissaries into Wrothgar and promised to return Orsinium to the Orcs in exchange for helping him defeat Ranser. The clan of Kurog gro-Bagrakh answered his call and helped annihilate Ranser's forces at Markwasten Moor. After these events, Kurog was given control over Wrothgar, and his new Orsinium joined the second Daggerfall Covenant.[1][16][17]

The deal made between Emeric and Korug gave the Orcs control of all Wrothgar as an independent kingdom separate from High Rock.[8] Terms such as Breton High Rock and Orcish Wrothgar were used to distinguish the two as being independent.[18][UOL 1] At this time Farrun was under the control of the Orcs, and was an Orcish Stronghold going by the name Fharun.[19] The Orcs would also reclaim all of Wrothgar from the Reachmen, who had control of the Wrothgarian Mountains during the reign of the Longhouse Emperors.[20] In 2E 582, Kurog would ask for adventurers to aid the rebuilding of Orsinium. One of them, the Vestige, would aid King Kurog in driving out the last of the Winterborn holdouts at Frostbreak Fortress, and later foiling a plot by the King to kill all the Orcish clan chiefs who refused to give up the worship of Malacath.[21][22][23]

Sometime after 2E 582, the Bretons settled in some parts of the Wrothgar, resulting in higher Breton populations among the kingdoms of Jehanna and Farrun on its northern shores.[24][UOL 1]

The Camoran Usurper and his horde of warriors marched through the Wrothgarian Mountains while his main forces were occupied to the west in the mouth of the Iliac Bay. This use of this strategy was attributed to the philosophy of his brother, Camoran Kaltos. With the Battle of Firewaves in 3E 267, the Usurper's armies were quashed by the combined forces of the Iliac Bay's lesser known nations.[25]

In 3E 399, the city of Jehanna had fallen under the control of Skyrim and the landscape was swiftly claimed by their Counts. By the waning years of the Third Era, resistance in the cities was feeble at best, but the fight remained strong toward the border.[5]

After the Warp in the West, King Gortwog gro-Nagorm of Orsinium gained control over a significant part of the Wrothgarian Mountains.[11]

Notable PlacesEdit

Notable places in the Wrothgarian Mountains include:

  • Argent Mine - Headquarters of the Silver Dawn
  • Cloud Spring - A Breton town within the Wrothgarian Mountains.
  • Fharun - an Orcish stronghold, and Breton city within the Wrothgarian Mountains.
  • Frostbreak Fortress - A fortress built during the Akaviri Potentate to defend Orsinium.
  • Honor's Rest - A tomb within Wrothgar, and final resting place of Baloth Bloodtusk and Gaiden Shinji.
  • Jehanna - A city near the border of Skyrim.
  • Orsinium - An Orcish city that has been razed and rebuilt several times.
  • Raven Spring - A Breton village located in the foothills of the Wrothgarian Mountains near the border of Hammerfell.
  • Shedungent - Nulfaga's castle in the Wrothgarian Mountains in the Third Era.
  • Sorrow - the tallest mountain in the Wrothgarian Mountains.
  • Wrothgaria - A Breton city and the regional seat of the Wrothgarian Mountains in the Third Era.


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