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King Emeric
ON-concept-King Emeric.png
King Emeric
Race Breton Gender Male
Born 2E 521
High Rock
Died 2E 582
Hall of Heroes
Resurrection 2E 582
Far Shores
Reign 2E 563-
Previous Ruler Gardner
Resided in Wayrest
Sword's Rest Isle
Appears in ESO, Legends
"One land! One Emperor! Who among you will stand with me?"
King Emeric

High King Emeric of Wayrest was a member of the Cumberland Dynasty in the Second Era. When Emeric was a boy, his father sent him to Castle Ravenwatch to study under the tutorage of the vampiric Count Verandis Ravenwatch, whose support would later be pivotal to Emeric becoming King and convincing the nobility to support the Greater Daggerfall Covenant.[1] His father, Earl Pierric, made sure he was schooled in both economics and military matters, and he would serve as a lieutenant escorting caravans during the summers. When he was twenty, in 2E 541, he helped fend off the onslaught of the Reachmen leader Durcorach when the latter began leading attacks against cities in High Rock. Emeric finally killed Durcorach outside Daggerfall.[2]

In 2E 563, the Knahaten Flu swept through High Rock, killing King Gardner and the entire royal family of Wayrest. Succession fell to Emeric, who ascended to the throne, beginning the Cumberland Dynasty. There was reportedly a "Halo of Gold" around the sun on the day of his coronation.[2] He wed Princess Maraya of Sentinel three years later, greatly angering King Ranser of Shornhelm, who had desired Emeric to marry his daughter, leading to Ranser's War in Last Seed of that year. He wielded the Orichalc Scalpel when Ranser's army came to the gates of Wayrest, and Emeric's forces eventually succeeded in breaking their siege of his city. In the aftermath of the war, Emeric helped forge the Greater Daggerfall Covenant. Emeric was a strong advocate for an invasion of Cyrodiil in order to restore "the true flame of the Empire of Man".[2]

In High Rock where warfare between kingdoms accounts for much of the provinces' history,[3] he is the only recorded elected High King. Emeric of Cumberland managed to claim this supreme leadership as a result of being the architect of the Daggerfall Covenant, and after all the city-states of northwest Tamriel swore loyalty to the Covenant's Royal Council.[4] The various monarchs of High Rock were bound to him via trade agreements,[5] which included "dozens of compromises and carefully negotiated provisions".[4]


"You know, there was a time when I was young when I thought being a king would just be a barrel of laughs. The coin, the power of all its trappings—it looked like such fun. It's not, though."

In 2E 582, a Vaermina cult known as the Supernal Dreamers sought to spread her influence across Tamriel in the wake of the Soulburst. With the cult's assistance, Vaermina's Omens invaded the dreams and minds of influential figures throughout Daggerfall Covenant.[6] This conspiracy culminated with her consort Galthis,[7] the first Nightcaller,[7] taking over the mind and body of High King Emeric in Wayrest. Luckily, the Daedric Prince Azura intervened, and the plot was ultimately foiled when the Vestige entered Emeric's dream and defeated Galthis the Night Terror, ending Vaermina's control of the Covenant.[8]

High King Emeric (Legends)

Emeric subsequently made an appearance in Rivenspire, after the triumvirate council he had set to rule in Shornhelm broke down when Baron Wylon Montclair rebelled and attempted to seize Rivenspire for himself. The two other members of the council, Eselde Tamrith and Baron Alard Dorell were barely on speaking terms either, despite the best efforts of Count Verandis Ravenwatch to keep the peace. Ravenwatch and the Vestige, between them, revealed that Montclair's objective was more than simple treason: he had become a vampire and was seeking to turn the whole of Rivenspire to a land of undeath. They succeeded in stopping him, but not without cost: Tamrith's sister herself became a vampire (and was offered a choice between death or membership of House Ravenwatch, Verandis's organization for the reformed and self-disciplined vampires), while Baron Dorell was forced to exile his own son for collaboration with Montclair's daughter, and Verandis Ravenwatch himself gave his own life (or rather, unlife) to stop Montclair. Emeric himself did little in the conflict: when the time came to choosing a new ruling dynasty for Shornhelm, between Dorell and Tamrith, Emeric entrusted the choice to the Vestige rather than make the decision himself. But his influence was crucial in persuading the loser of the choice to accept the winner, and work with them to restore Rivenspire.

Later that year, King Emeric appeared in Bangkorai in response to a call for help from his cousin, Queen Arzhela, who had lost her husband, son and daughter all to Bangkorai's enemies of Reachmen and Imperials. Though he arrived too late to forestall the Imperial plot to usurp power through Arzhela's brother-in-law, Duke Renchant (whose treason was exposed and he paid the ultimate price) or to fight against the Reachmen (who dispersed in disorder upon the death of their leader, Uela the Hagraven), Emeric was in time to bring his army to storm the Bangkorai Garrison and retake Hallin's Stand from Imperial conquerors, the latter with help from an uprising among the town's inhabitants. Emeric was subsequently abducted by Magus-General Septima Tharn of the Imperial Legion, for whom he had once nursed an unrequited attraction.[9][1] She took him to a famed Redguard crypt, the Hall of Heroes, which her scouts had rediscovered in the Fallen Wastes of Bangkorai. There, she slew King Emeric, and was able to physically follow his soul to the Far Shores. A soldier of the Daggerfall Covenant was able to follow and slay Tharn in turn. As a reward for this heroic deed, Tu'whacca allowed the soldier and King Emeric to return to life in Mundus.[9]

High King Emeric was engaged in the politics with the Reachfolk. He dispatched Lady Nilene Devierin, the Royal Envoy to the Reach, to address the topic invasion of Breton borders by the Bloodthorn Cult and Dark Witnesses, the two of many Reachfolk clans. Seeking a peace agreement, she met with Lady Belain, advisor to the Ard. Devierin expressed frustration over the raids by some of the Reachfolk clans and implored Belain to persuade Ard Caddach to control the unruly raiding groups. However, Caddach, constrained by the need to avoid projecting weakness or servitude to Emeric and hindered by the nature of fractured clan society and the high autonomy of independent clans, couldn't rein in the factions. He was not a liege of those clans. Nilene was instructed that Bretons should weaken the factions themselves to increase Caddach's authority in the region. By assisting Ard Caddach, High King Emeric could streamline negotiations with a unified Reach under one king instead of dealing with numerous stubborn clans. Supporting Caddach was presented as an action aligning with High Rock's best interests. Upon meeting with Caddach, her concerns were dismissed, and she left to High King Emeric without a satisfactory response.[10][11]

As a result of the previous events, Emeric was still recuperating on Sword's Rest Isle when the Society of the Steadfast attempted to sponsor peace talks to end the Three Banners War. Invitation medallions were sent to leaders of all three factions, and to representatives of the independent Fighters and Mages Guilds: however, the medallions were captured by members of the Ascendant Order, and when recovered, they proved to be cursed, and Arch-Magister Delric of the Mages Guild fell victim to the curse. He was, fortunately, the only victim: despite having been sent out for delivery, the medallions intended for Queen Ayrenn and Jorunn the Skald-King were intercepted and dispelled before they could do their damage, and the medallion intended for the Fighters Guild was dispelled before delivery. Emeric, however, was more vulnerable at his holiday retreat palace than he would have been at Wayrest, and the Ascendant Order were able to storm the place and kill many of his guards. He was rescued by a party consisting of Lady Arabelle Davaux, Jakarn and the Vestige, and his invitation medallion was safely delivered.[12]


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