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Ebonarm, the God of WarEdit

Reymon Ebonarm (also called Ebonarm or the Black Knight) is the God of War and the companion and protector of all warriors. He is said to ride a golden stallion named War Master, and is accompanied by a pair of huge Ravens. Ebonarm's name refers to the Ebony sword fused to his right arm, a result of the wounds he suffered in titanic battles of the past, and he is never seen without a full suit of ebony armor. He is described as bearded, tall and muscular, and as having flowing reddish blonde hair and steel blue eyes. Emblazoned on his ebony tower shield is the symbol of a red rose, a flower known for blooming on battlefields where he appears. According to legend, he appears on the field of battle to reconcile opposing sides and prevent bloodshed.

Ehlnofey, the Earth BonesEdit

The Ehlnofey (sometimes spelled Elhnofey), also known as the Earth Bones (or Earthbones), of the Dawn Era are a group of et'Ada who, along with the Hist, decided not to abandon Mundus, and instead worked to keep it viable. They remained in the mortal realm and populated it, becoming the progenitors of the modern races. They are depicted as vaguely Elven in shape, but featureless, similar to how they live on in fading memory. Many followed the example of Y'ffre and sacrificed themselves to form the rules of nature, and it's been found that these "Earth Bones" can be manipulated to some extent. Perhaps because of their association with the land itself, "Old Ehlnofey" became another name for Aldmeris, the mystical homeland of the elves. Their language or languages became known as Ehlnofex.

Eight DivinesEdit

The original pantheon of Divines under the Alessian Empire, consisting of Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr, and Zenithar. Worship of the Eight Divines was introduced by Alessia at the start of the First Era. It was a carefully designed compromise between the Aldmeri deities that the humans of Cyrodiil were accustomed to worshipping and the deities of Alessia's Nordic allies.[1] Following the deification of Tiber Septim, Talos was added to the pantheon and they became the Nine Divines. In the second century of the Fourth Era, the White-Gold Concordat between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion forbade worship of Talos, which contributed to the Stormcloak Rebellion. Anyone caught worshipping Talos was taken prisoner by the Thalmor Justiciars for punishment. Because of this, the pantheon of the Eight Divines returned to prominence.[2]


Ephen (also called S'ephen) was a Dunmer noble that was active during the early-First Era. He is the center of an obscure temple-cult who worships him as The God of the Wild that was created in homage by his half-brother, Moraelyn, the Witch-King of Ebonheart. In death, he was given the duty of safeguarding the Horn of Summoning and eventually the Staff of Chaos. Statues of Ephen depicted him wielding a hammer, atop of an anvil of adamantium, and shrines dedicated to him have been active since the late-Third Era, as far west as the Iliac Bay.