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The War of Righteousness was a decade-long conflict that lasted from 1E 2321[1][2] - 1E 2331[3] that led to the dissolution of the Alessian Order. The main cause of the conflict is believed to have been internal strife within the Order itself, brought about by the unsustainable expansion of the priesthood. Several of the Empire's territories took the opportunity to distance themselves from the Order or break away entirely. When Western Cyrodiil isolated itself and established an autonomous government, the Colovian Estates, the simmering tension among the Order erupted into open warfare.[3]


After All Flags Navy's victory over the Sload in Thras, the Colovian Estates began to overshadow Nibenay.[3] Tensions rose with the Alessian Empire's inability to control distant provinces, such as with High Rock asserting its independence in 1E 2305 in response to the Alessian Order's racial prejudice and excesses.[4][5] Despite resenting High Rock's secession from the Empire, the Alessian Order did not intervene until King Desynan of Skingrad and Queen Margert Gardner of Wayrest planned an arranged marriage between their children. Fearing a dynastic alliance between High Rock and Colovia, Arch-Prelate Zirnius who forbid the union, sent out his legions to punish the Colovians after Desynan circumvented Zirnius' ruling by appointing someone to officialize this marriage. This conflict was initially "anarchy, local uprisings, and shifting alliances" that were contained within the Colovian Estates, but it later shifted to Breton lands within the Iliac Bay.[6] The Legions of Piety and Grace were sent to Bangkorai under Abbot-General Priscus Mactator to suppress the Bretons, but the Imperials fell at the Bangkorai Garrison.[4] This loss would embolden the rebelling Colovians, officially kickstarting the War of Righteousness in 1E 2321.[7][nb 1]

War of RighteousnessEdit

The financial costs of the war caused the Systres Archipelago and other non-essential lands to be sold by the Colovian Estates.[7] The Alessian Order's heavy losses in the west forced them to tax and conscript people from eastern Cyrodiil, causing angry Nibeneans to rebel and slay the Arch-Prelate and destroy the Order's great cathedral at Lake Canulus. With no leadership and income, the Alessians fighting in High Rock abandoned their invasion,[6] though the decade of violence wiped out half of the population of the Iliac Bay.[8][9] With the dissolution of the Alessian Order[3] the war officially ended with the arrangement of a puppet Emperor to Skingrad.[6] House Tharn had members that fought on both sides of the war, and Turpis Tharn became Earl of Outer Cheydinhal and obtained broad holdings.[10] Cyrodiil and Tamriel would remain divided until the rise of Reman I and the foundation of the Second Empire in 1E 2703.[3]


  • ^  The book Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock states the Legions of Piety and Grace were sent in 1E 2305. However, the book On the War of Righteousness states that the Alessian Order refrained from sending a military response to High Rock until after the marriage between the children of King Desynan of Skingrad and Queen Margert Gardner of Wayrest in 1E 2319.