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Lord Woodborne
DF-npc-Lord Woodborne (face).png
Lord Woodborne as seen in Daggerfall
Race Breton Gender Male
Died 3E 405-3E 417
Resided in Woodborne Hall, Wayrest
Appears in Daggerfall

Lord Woodborne was a minor noble of Wayrest in the early Fifth Century of the Third Era, and betrothed to Princess Elysana, daughter of King Eadwyre.[1]

At some point around the year 3E 400, the Totem of Tiber Septim was found in the Iliac Bay region. Legends held that this artifact—unseen since the end of the Second Era—allowed its bearer to control the equally-legendary Numidium, a colossal brass golem of Dwemer make said to have been used by Tiber Septim to conquer all of Tamriel. It is unclear who found the Totem, but by 3E 403 it had made its way into Lord Woodborne's hands.

3E 403 also saw the conclusion of the War of Betony, a petty land squabble between the kingdoms of Daggerfall and Sentinel that had escalated into an all-out war. On the eve of what was to be the decisive battle at Cryngaine Field, a delegation from Wayrest—which included Woodborne—visited the Daggerfall contingent to speak with Daggerfall's King Lysandus. During the meeting, Lord Woodborne crept up behind Lysandus and stabbed him.[2] The king died quickly, and his son Gothryd was crowned the new king shortly before leading his troops to victory.[3]

In 3E 405, Emperor Uriel Septim VII sent an Agent to the Iliac Bay to investigate the death of King Lysandus. Over time, the trail eventually led to Woodborne Hall in northwestern Wayrest, where the Agent discovered evidence that Woodborne was planning to seize the throne of Wayrest—and presumably use the power of Numidium to conquer the surrounding lands.[4] Lord Woodborne was eventually cornered and slain by the Agent, and with his dying breath revealed his co-conspirator in this sordid affair to be none other than King Gothryd.[1]


  • Lord Woodborne was a member of the Knights of the Rose, the knightly order of the Kingdom of Wayrest.


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