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The Knights of the Rose (also known as the Knights of the White Rose) is a Knightly Order located in the Kingdom of Wayrest, and a political faction associated with the region.

The Knights of the Rose are consecrated as protectors and warriors for the royal family and kingdom of Wayrest. They have the honor of being the guard and strong arm of his majesty, King Eadwyre. The greatest knights in his court are members of the order and they have demonstrated their worth in internal and interprovincial struggles throughout the Bay and Tamriel.

For those few whose combat abilities and true loyalty to the King are judged acceptable, the Knights of the Rose offer membership in the most respected order in Wayrest.

Knights of the Rose OverviewEdit

"Protectors and warriors for the city and royal family of Wayrest. The Knights are rather divided right now - some supportive of any action of the king, others furious about the possible prospect of a Dark Elf heir. Many are upset at the foundation of Orsinium and the displacement of the peasantry from the foot of the Wrothgarian Mountains, others believe the right place for the knights in times of trouble is at the king's right-hand. Lord Woodborne and Lord Darkworth are both members of the Knights of the White Rose."
- The Daggerfall Chronicles

Political AffiliationsEdit

Led By King Eadwyre
Associated Factions
Lord Darkworth
Lord Woodborne

Garrison LocationsEdit

Location Garrisons
Aldwych 1
Burgbeth 1
Crossdale 1
Easttale 1
Holhead Court 1
Holshire Rock 1
Holwick 1
Knightsbrugh 1
Lamwold 1
Longhope End 1
Longley Borough 1
Merhope Hall 1
Oxvale Borough 1
Penwood 1
Reyford Moor 1
Ripford 1
Singdale 1
Tamgate 1
Tunmont 1
Vanlech Court 1
Vantown 1
Warmore 1
Wayrest City 1
Westwall Heath 1


The people of the Iliac Bay may discuss the Knights of the Rose if asked.

Garrison Map BlocksEdit

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