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Abecean Sea
Type Body of Water
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
View of the Abecean Sea from the Gold Coast
Map featuring the Abecean Sea

The Abecean Sea (or the Abecean for short) is a body of water to the west of Tamriel that sits between Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, Valenwood, and Summerset Isle. The sea is encompassed by the Eltheric Ocean.[1]

The sea surrounds several islands. Stirk is the easternmost and lies just off the western coast of Cyrodiil. Farther west is Stros M'Kai, which lies to the south of Hammerfell and is similarly dominated by Redguards. Due west of Stros M'Kai is The Chain, a series of three islands of which little is known, a lack that also to applies to Cespar, a larger island to the west-northwest. Just northwest of Cespar is Herne,[1] which was used as a temporary refuge by the Redguards as they migrated across the sea from their ancestral home in Yokuda.[2] Lastly, at the western ends of the sea, are The Systres and Pankor. The Systres is a group of three islands northwest of Summerset Isle, and Pankor lies to their northwest.[1]

There is an outlying and mysterious region in the Abecean Sea called the Graven Deep. It is tied to the disappearance of several ships over the years. An uncharted island somewhere within it contains an abandoned Dwemer facility.[3] A whirlpool located somewhere in the Abecean, known as the Maelstrom of Bal, is rumored to be a portal to Oblivion. Ships that ride its waters are said to disappear.[4]

Flora and FaunaEdit

It is known that Abecean whales were hunted down for their wax since at least the Second Era.[5] The sea lends its name to the Abecean Longfin, although the species is only known to inhabit the waters of Skyrim.



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