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The Synod is one of the organizations formed after the dissolution of the Mages Guild at the start of the Fourth Era, the other being the College of Whispers.[1]:40 The two groups are rivals, and constantly strive to earn the favor of the Elder Council. The Synod played a part in defending the Imperial City from Umbriel circa 4E 48.[2]

Unlike the College of Whispers, the Synod continued the Guild's ban on Necromancy, and has also banned at least some other aspects of Conjuration.[3] The Synod does not share knowledge quite as freely as the Mages Guild once did. One might have a chance of learning certain spells after a few years of paying the organization's dues.[1]:39

The Synod is headed by a Grand Council. Ranks within the Synod include Attendant and First Adjunct. One of the divisions within the Synod is the Binder's Conclave, which enchanted a focusing crystal for use at the Oculory of Mzulft. Both the College of Whispers and the Synod have attempted to form alliances with the College of Winterhold, but despite pressures the independent organization has remained neutral. In 4E 201, the Synod attempted to use the Oculory of Mzulft to locate artifacts of great magical power, but the Eye of Magnus prevented the Oculory from working correctly. The Eye was being held at the College of Winterhold at the time, which may have embittered relationships with the Synod.[4]

A Synod researcher, Yvonne Bienne, authored Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments and Catalogue of Armor Enchantments. She is known to have taught students (such as Severio Scerius) in the art of enchanting.[5] A member of the Synod named Lazarum, who lived in 4E 8, invented a spell to allow people to fly.[1]:39



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